Pink Iceland specializes in weddings in Iceland and offers wedding planning all year round. Pink Iceland can come into the planning process at any given moment. The services we provide includes preparation, consultation, helping with paperwork, arranging the ceremony, planning the honeymoon and pretty much everything that concerns getting married. And yes, we help everyone who wants to get married, regardless of sexual orientation. 



Iceland listed as 'Top 10 Gay Wedding Destination' by Lonely Planet and Pink Iceland gets a shout-out!

"Soon after Iceland legalized same-sex marriage in June 2010, the prime minister - the world's first openly lesbian head of state - married her partner. So it's no surprise the scene is incredibly welcoming. Take your pick of mind-blowing backdrops for the ceremony: beside a thundering waterfall, in a rustic wood church or surrounded by hulking blue glaciers. Pink Iceland can make the arrangements." Click here for their article.



Can YOU get married in Iceland with the help of Pink Iceland?
In short YES. But please take a look at the requirements for getting married in Iceland to make sure everything is ok. It may seem like a long and complicated list but we mean it when we say we can help you with everything when it comes to your wedding in Iceland, including figuring out what's on the list and the paperwork. ​Once you've sent Pink Iceland your documents your pink wedding planner will take care of the rest!

Same sex marriage​
Same sex marriage has been legal in Iceland since June, 2010. The bill providing a gender-neutral marriage definition was passed by the Icelandic Alþingi (Parliament) with no resistance. The majority of Icelanders are pro gay marriage. The first couple to turn their civil union into a marriage was Iceland's Prime Minister at the time, Jóhanna Sigurðardóttir and her partner, Jónína Leósdóttir.

Wedding ceremonies​
Pink Iceland loves weddings set in nature as there are so many beautiful spots in Iceland to choose from. Ceremonies can be arranged e.g. by a waterfall, in a cave, on a glacier, on a small island or by a geothermal area. Other options are on board a boat or a helicopter. Then there are the options of getting married in a church, having a nordic mythology theme or a simple civil ceremony. ​

Tailor made

Every Iceland wedding experience is tailor made  and one of a kind. Pink Iceland's aim is to make your wedding experience as friendly, fun, relaxing and unique as possible.


But I'm straight, can I still use your services?

Pink Iceland is the country's most prolific wedding planner and we happily help people from all walks of life, regardless of sexual orientation get married. We've often been asked why we don't set up another site without the 'LGBTQI focus'. But our honest answer is that if anyone has a problem with this focus we wouldn't want to work with them anyway. Love all, serve all (except bigots).

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Meet the Pink Iceland team, your wedding planners, travel planners & tour guides.  We would love to design your unforgettable wedding and honeymoon in Iceland!

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