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Group Travel Planner and Leader

In 2016 we started hearing from companies that wanted us to plan various kinds of group tours in Iceland. These were tours for music groups for choirs and ensembles as well as educational tours for both young people and adults. We were swamped with other work and thought who is organised, passionate about music, a great leader and, if we're being honest, a bit of a nerd. Enter Hafsteinn, our fearless group leader, guide and planner extraordinaire. Not only is he among Iceland's best classical singers and an amazing composer but he also happens to be passionate about creating unforgettable, educational and inspiring tours for groups in Iceland. We love him. 

Kind words for Hafsteinn:

Sigrun (Ziggy) and Hafsteinn (along with a very special driver) teamed up to deliver an amazing experience for the boys and the families. They created a very special week long tour that gave us a view into the true beauty of the Icelandic history, country and people.  Ziggy and Hafsteinn arranged concerts throughout the week at multiple locations/cities, including allowing the boys to sing the Icelandic National Anthem during National Day in Akureyri. Along with the concert, the tour included day trips, hikes, events, transportation, lodging, as well as lunches and dinners. They also set up an event for our boys to meet Icelandic children and share songs. It was a perfectly tailored tour for the choir and 12-year old boys. They expertly managed the details, changes and kept 27 boys and 23 parents on time and in line as we traversed the country.

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