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New Years Eve Package

Updated: May 5, 2020

For years Pink Iceland has been offering a New Years Experience where guests can join in on either a 4 day package around New Years or for the single night of the 31st for the Bubbly, Bonfire, Fireworks & Party Tour.

Gay New Years Eve tour in Reykjavik

This is one of our favourite nights of the year, it's celebrated with family and friends and we really wanted our guests to have a sense of how Icelanders really celebrate NYE, that's why we created the Bubbly, Bonfire, Fireworks & Party Tour.

Your day starts in Reykjavík, sleeping in making sure you'll be able to stay up until the AM. The group meets up at the Pink Iceland office and go from there to one of the ever so popular community bonfires where we will enjoy the fire and the company of the locals and the Pink team will have a hot drink handy and something to spice it up with. After the bonfire we go to Kol restaurant where you will have a fabulous meal and when you are done the Pink team will arrive again to take you to Hallgrimskirkja right next door to Kol, the church on top of the hill where you will experience firework madness.

Pretty much every single person in the city takes a box full of fireworks outside just before midnight blow the old year to bits and then parties till the break of dawn. There is nothing quite like it. There really isn't

Stay close to us and don't wander off cause there are fireworks going on left and right! Next up after the fireworks is the House Party. The Pink Iceland team will invite you over to a proper Icelandic House party mingling with the locals and enjoy the open bar. Kiki Nighclub is the last official stop for the evening where we will dance until morning!

If you are here for a bit longer we encourage you to explore our 4 day NYE package, it is a great combination of quality time in Reykjavik, visits to some of our most famous natural wonders like the Geysir geothermal area, Gullfoss, Thingvellir and the Blue Lagoon and of course the amazing celebrations in Reykjavik on the 31st.


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