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Senior Wedding Planner

Sigga joined the Pink Iceland team in March 2015 and has made quite the impact as Pink Iceland's first staff member to join the planning team at the Pink Iceland office. She came to us from Iceland's biggest production company, Sagafilm, where she was responsible for producing TV commercials and other content for TV. Her creative flair, coupled with great planning and logistical skills make her a perfect match for Pink Iceland. Sigga is thoughtful, caring and always up for a good laugh and its safe to say that everyone who has ever had the privilege of working with her is not only thrilled with the results but happy to have gotten to know such a great person. We're thrilled to have her!

Kind words for Sigga:

"We made our plans with Sigga just a little more than 6 months ago for our big day, together with some travelling around the island with our friends. Sigga took care of us every step of the way with tour suggestions and accommodations right to the day we arrived. And even when we were there, she made sure everything was perfect. Sigga was also our weather goddess who forewarned us in advance and even tweaked our travel plans one night before so we could still experience every bit of this dramatic, stunning land. Thank so you much Sigga, you have left us with such lasting memories"

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