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Snorkle or dive in the clear water of Silfra rift between continents



The Silfra Rift is one of the greatest dive sites on this planet. Silfra is in Thingvellir Lake which is in Thingvellir National Park, when you dive or snorkle there you are swimming between the continents! The visibility that you will experience will rarely be surpassed, if ever. The reasons for this clarity are twofold: the water is cold (2°C - 4°C all year) as it is the water melting from a glacier about 50km away and it has been filtered through lava fields for many years before coming out at the north end of Thingvellir lake through underground wells.​



You don't need to be a certified diver in order to experience water at its clearest. Daily Snorkeling Trips to Silfra where you will swim between the continents and take a good look at the crack beneath the surface. You will be guided both over and under the surface by PADI Divemasters or Diving Instructors. This tour is often combined with the Silfra Diving Day Tour. The divers below make a very good view for the snorkeler on the surface, since the submerged diver brings depth and incredible clarity into perspective. Make sure to drink some of the water while in the water. Who knows when you will be able to drink some that is as pure!



Please note that this tour can be combined with the Silfra Snorkeling Tour for your non-diving friends & family.​On the way to Silfra your guide will point out interesting facts about the history and geology of Thingvellir park and show you some stunning views of the Thingvellir area. Upon arrival at the dive site divers will gear up and walk to the platform, where the guide will give you a briefing on the first dive. We’ll take a few steps down the ladder and make contact to the World's clearest water to dive in. Take a sip! The slight current formed by the underground wells will make the dive in Silfra an easy one. The dive guide will lead the dive and take photos and videos. If you are interested you can purchase a DVD of the videos and high resolution photos after the tour. After the first dive we will make our way back along a challenging but rewarding 250m path with our dive gear before warming our hands and spirits over some hot chocolate and delicious cookies.

Dives are usually planned so that divers see Silfra Hall, Silfra Cathedral and the Silfra Lagoon on both dives.​


Availability: All year around

Duration:  4-5 hours

Please bring:  Long underwear and thick socks.​

Included:  Hotel pick up and return, guide, guided snorkeling trip, dry suit and all necessary equipment, light snacks.​

Minimum:  2 Snorkelers. Most of the time it's possible for single snorkelers to join an already existing tour. Ask us!​

Price:  ISK 21.990 ISK



Availability:  All year around​

Prerequisites:  Scuba dive certification (PADI Open Water or equivalent)

Duration:  8 hours

Participants: For your safety and convenience we have a maximum ratio of 4 divers per dive guide.​

Please bring:  Long underwear and thick socks.​

Included:  Hotel pick up and return, guide, 2 guided dives, all necessary equipment, light snacks.


Price:  ISK 44.990 ISK

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