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Below you'll find a few price points for various wedding related services. Please bear in mind that these are all estimates and can end up being higher or lower. We highly recommend you book an appointment for a phone/skype interview during which we can 'live-budget' your wedding based on your wishes and number of guests you expect! Fill in the form below or click here to book your free consultation. Please know that we are not about the hard-sell and will not ask you to commit to buying any of our services during our first, or indeed any, meeting.

We believe that when planning the perfect wedding we need to create the perfect ecosystem in which this can happen. This means that we choose our partners well and cultivate our relationships with everyone we work with. By earning the respect of our partners we have created allies and made friends all around Iceland. This translates into our couples and their guests being met with warmth and genuine care by our partners. 


This ecosystem naturally extends to the environment we work within. We owe our livelihoods and way of life to Icelandic Nature and we want to treat her with the respect she deserves. From its founding in 2011 we’ve strived to become the most environmentally positive company in Iceland, achieving ‘Gold’ status in Vakinn, the Icelandic Quality and Environmental System for the Icelandic tourism industry. We want to go far beyond this and become a force for good and a leader in the field. We hope you share this passion and are willing to join us in our efforts!

Here are some links for you to get to know us better.

We really encourage you to explore these links carefully as they will give you an insight into how we work and what we stand for. Please read through some of the reviews of our wedding planning service to get an idea of how we’ve worked with couples getting married using our services. 



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Pink Iceland's fee to get going covers: 


  • Access to a dedicated wedding planner with years of experience and a passion for what they do. Your planner will be on hand throughout the planning process and help make your dreams come true.

  • Advising on paperwork and what you have to do apply for or get from your local authorities, reviewing and proofing these documents with our legal team to make sure they can be used in Iceland and sending you the Icelandic form you’ll need to fill out. 

  • We liaise with the Reykjavik Magistrate's office regarding all paperwork. We take your paperwork to Magistrate's for approval, signatures and stamps required before a ceremony can take place.  

  • We advise on different types of ceremonies. These can be religious, secular, pagan or symbolic. 

  • We will advise on and help you choose an Officiant for your wedding, depending on what kind of ceremony you like.

  • We speak to, book and coordinate with your Officiant. We will also make sure that you have direct contact to make sure that the ceremony is tailor made to your unique history and personality. 

  • We advise on, speak to and book your florist, photographer, jeweller, makeup artist & hair stylist, reception stylist, and any other services required for your wedding. 

  • We negotiate with all suppliers and take care of all communication. 

  • We advise on a place and time for the ceremony. This is a very important part of our service as we constantly update our knowledge of Iceland and the best sites to get married at.

  • We will apply for all necessary permits in case you want to get married in one of Iceland's National Parks.

  • Privacy is a major concern and we’ll work hard to ensure yours. 

  • Our time in doing/providing some or all of the above

Our fee is collected in the beginning of the planning process and relates to the number of guests at the wedding. For logistics- or design-heavy weddings extra fees may apply. This is rare, and always something we discuss beforehand and agree on if it comes to it.


If we like each other and want to work together it’s best to decide on most things fairly early on. We recommend getting most of the logistical decisions out of the way early so that you can focus on the fun stuff!


Planning process

Once the initial planning fee is paid we’ll share an online folder with you, full of  information and topics for you to think about, question and comment on. This folder contains a “Masterplan” which will serve as a live account of all the planning and decisions made in the process. Beside the Masterplan you will always have access to a costs spreadsheet and other information relevant to your wedding planning. Your planner will be on hand throughout the planning process via email and when needed phone and or video conversations. Rest assured we will always try to match or beat online prices and, if anything, we will be saving you money and a lot of time and effort.  This also makes everything easier & simpler as you to only deal with one person throughout the planning process.



We are a fully licensed tour operator and travel agency. We ask that, when possible, all bookings go through Pink Iceland. In some cases we get a commission from the service or accommodation provider.  Please read our honesty policy here.


Price estimates 2022 / 2023

An Officiant for the ceremony costs between 65.000 - 85.000 ISK for a Reykjavik based ceremony. This is higher outside the city as travel fees will apply. Your choice of Officiant and type of ceremony will affect the price. 


Photographer: Prices for photographers vary a lot. The price depends on location, duration and choice of photographer. We work with local and international photographers and  will send you examples of their work. The most popular photography package is a full day shoot in the countryside with a talented local photographer. This will typically cost between 350.000 - 650.000 ISK. Please remember that you’re not only paying for the photographer's work that one day but also for 7 - 12 days of editing after the wedding takes place.  Sometimes less experienced photographers get in touch with us, offering lower prices in order to gain experience. We can try to match you up with one of these aspiring photographers if you’re planning a wedding on a tight budget. 


Videographer: Many couples want a video from the big day. Prices vary based on videographer, location, duration, editing etc. You can expect to pay from 350.000 ISK to 900.000 ISK for a full day.


Flowers: Flower costs will very much depend on the scope of ceremony and reception flowers you want on the day. We will tailor make your quote based on your wishes. 


Outdoor Venues for ceremony: We pride ourselves in working closely with landowners and local authorities and always make sure we have full permission for using the sites our couples get married at. We either pay landowners directly for the use of their land as well as contributing to projects that help with our ongoing mission to become a carbon negative company. 


Hair & Makeup: Price for a hair & makeup stylist for bride varies and depends on what you want / how many guests require services and whether or not you and your guests are based in the city or countryside. We will quote this based on what you need. 

Food and Drink: For a sit-down dinner we usually estimate between 10.000 - 15,000 ISK pr. person and then again another 5.000 - 15.000 ISK per person on drinks depending on your venue and whether your reception then turns into a party. 

Reception Venue Fee: These range from zero to 800.000 ISK depending on the venue you choose!

Performance artists: Prices here can range from around 100.000 ISK for a respected solo artists performing in your ceremony and beyond if you want a full band. 

Tour and transfer costs vary depending on the location of your ceremony and whether or not you want to offer your guests a tour of some spectacular sites on your wedding day. This is best estimated during our initial consultation but our aim is to always offer incredible private tours at a price comparable to public bus tours. 

All these zeros!

Here is an online currency converter to help with all the zeros of the Icelandic krona! Don’t include dots or commas when inputting the ISK amount. For example: 45.000 ISK should be input as 45000.


If you need any further information to help make up your mind do not hesitate to get in touch via the form below and we’ll answer you quickly and honestly.


We promise to listen to you and work hard on making your dream wedding become a reality. 


Success! Message received.

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