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Árni Grétar

Árni has been a friend of Pink Iceland, its founders and staff since the beginning of time and we were super excited when he decided to study to become a fully licensed guide AND Officiant. He has worked with us as a guide, wedding planner, stylist and Officiant of weddings. He's good at everything and we love him dearly. 

Guide, Stylist and Officiant

Kind words for Árni:

We spent the day of the wedding with Arni, driving us around with the photographers and helping out with setup and dinner, he took amazing care of us and was awesome to hang out with.

Árni performed the ceremony and was with us as we trekked all over the south shore taking photos. He had literally everything we could possibly have needed packed in the car-- from umbrellas to snacks to down coats, you name it and he could procure it from the trunk. 

Arni, one of the Pink Iceland team, worked magic on the Idno and decorated the theatre during the day-and what a beautiful job he did! The tables were absolutely stunning!

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