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Pink Iceland Honesty Policy (and more if you scroll down)


Pink Iceland is a privately owned company and as such it needs to make a profit. This profit pays the salaries of its nine staff, the rent, the wonderful and informative Pink Iceland website not to mention copious amounts of coffee for the owners. Most of Pink Iceland's money is made through commissions. This is how it works: If you let us book your tours, activities, and accommodation we collect a small commission of that price.  This basically means that you pay the same price you would anyway, regardless of whether you book directly with a supplier or through us. You may think this might cause us to recommend expensive accommodation and tours. Not so. We promise to do our utmost to come up with a plan that suits you, and your budget. We would never recommend anything without full confidence and/or personal experience of what's on offer. We pride ourselves on being honest and transparent in our dealings and creating a strong bond and trust with people we work with.  It is not least through word of mouth that we grow stronger every day. Our hope is that after reading this you too will ask for our recommendations and advice and/or book your holiday through Pink Iceland.  

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Pink Iceland strives to be the country’s foremost travel agent, tour operator, event and wedding planner for LGBTQI travelers and their allies. We welcome everyone through our doors but are quick to point out that we do no tolerate sexism, racism nor do we much patience for queerphobia.  

Our goal is to always offer exemplary service, treating our guests with the utmost respect while offering a good quality product. Pink Iceland has clear policies regarding its responsibilities to environmental and humanitarian issues. These are reflected in the services on offer and the general attitude of the company’s owners and staff. Pink Iceland is, and will remain a beautiful, vibrant, fun and caring place of work where both owners and staff ambitiously work towards offering outstanding services to its guests.



Pink Iceland is founded on the belief that more can be done to welcome LGBTQI visitors to Iceland. We strive to to offer the best available services to our guests, working with suppliers who respect and adhere to human and civil rights.


We at Pink Iceland have committed ourselves to contributing to LGBTQI communities around the world in whatever way we can. This has been done with monetary donations, education about what we've achieved in this country and how we went about it and through on-going volunteer work for the LGBTQI organization in Iceland, Samtökin'78 as well as Reykjavik Pride Week where we frequently offer our time and expertise for various events and causes. We constantly revise our policies, processes and activities and actively work toawards implementing these. Our human rights commitments may often go un-noticed but when applicable we update our audience about the work we undertake through our social media outlets and website.


Pink Iceland is founded by lesbian couple and co-owned by a gay man. Full time staff consists of 4 women (3 lesbians and 1 straight woman) and 3 men (all gay). We contract 4 main guides, two lesbians and two gay men. All of the above are cisgender. We care deeply about representation and want all our tours to be inclusive of the queer umbrella. 

We have a very strict policy of only using photographs from real tours and weddings, with real people who took part in said tours or weddings. A large part of our clientele consists of white gay men. This is a reflection of the world we live in. It showcases which part of our community has it best in terms of privilege, and quite frankly, disposable income. This reality is reflected in imagery we post and share. Our hope is that by working hard towards inclusivity and diversity in our product offering we will see this change, that we will be able to reach more diverse people, i.e. people of colour, queer women and trans people in our output, to all of our benefit. 

We here who own and work at Pink Iceland are aware of our privilege, of the fact that we lead lives that scores of our fellow queers in the world can only dream about. We know we can't behave like any other company, that we have to always be better, more socially aware, active and responsible. We don't always get it right. We've screwed up in the past and will probably do so again, but when we have, the community has pointed this out to us and we've evolved. To those of you who are under-represented in our imagery we encourage you to join our tours, to become a part of the Pink Iceland family and experience the welcoming atmosphere we strive to create in everything we undertake.


The Pink Iceland Team believes we can all make a difference when minimizing our environmental impact. Our goal is to operate according to sustainability principles with regards to environmental, economic, and socio-cultural aspects of tourism. Pink Iceland was the 13th company in Iceland to be admitted to Vakinn -  the Quality and Environmental System for Icelandic Tourism. In order to reach our goal we work according to these Pink Eco steps:


    We minimize printed material, relying on web and mobile devices when possible.

    We recycle recyclable materials.

    We give preference to environmentally safe products and local services.

    We give preference to environmentally certified suppliers.

    We strive to educate the Pink Team regularly about sustainability 

    We work according to the guidelines Quality and Environmental System Vakinn


Pink Iceland's sustainability policy is by no means an endpoint but rather a stepping-stone on the long journey to lower our environmental impact and reinforce the local community. This policy is revised annually and updated according to possible internal and/or external changes. 

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Pink Iceland is a young and vibrant company, founded out of passion in 2011. The Pink Iceland Team is constantly learning and tackling new challenges. Our policies are regularly updated and develop as we grow. We encourage our guests to help us out and give us feedback on our services so we can continue to create unforgettable experiences and continue to love our work at Pink Iceland.

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