​What comes to mind when you think of Iceland? Perhaps it's the unique geothermal pools, neverending days of summer, the Northern Lights in winter, the obsession with fireworks on New Years Eve, the surrounding mountains, the ever present ocean, the volcanos (sorry!) and we could throw in a mayor who likes to dress in drag for Pride, a lesbian prime minister, full and equal LGBT rights and one marriage law for all, regardless of sexual orientation and identity. Or perhaps its the hip and cosmopolitan city of Reykjavík, Iceland Airwaves music festival, The Hidden People, glaciers,  Björk or Sigur Rós.  If any of those things came to mind you clearly know a lot about Iceland! Ours is a country of culture, art and breathtaking nature with erupting geysers (gaysers), waterfalls, black sand beaches, lava fields, boiling mud pools, geothermal hot springs and a few warm rivers you can bathe in. Iceland is closer than you think between North America and Europe and its population is about 330.000 making it the least densely populated country in Europe.

Iceland's summers are surprisingly warm, lush and green, with days lengthening until midsummer, when the sun dips down to the horizon but gets right back up. During winter you can enjoy the amazing pink, green and blue Northern lights in the night sky, and the winters are not as cold as you might imagine.

Reykjavik, despite being one of the smallest capitals in the world has pretty much everything you'd expect from a cosmopolitan city. There are stunning museums, loads of art galleries, world-class restaurants, state of the art cinemas, an award winning concert hall, a renowned symphony orchestra, two large theatres, a vibrant music scene and thrilling nightlife. All within walking distance of each other. There's at least one of anything you need so depending on your mood you can visit the hipster bar, the arty bar, the yuppy bar, the rocker bar, the dive, and the gay bar in about 10 minutes because they're all practically next to each other. One of Reykjavík's best qualities is its laid back attitude towards LGBT people making pretty much every venue in town very welcoming to LGBT clientele.

So, expect the whole package, from late night partying and cultural events to awe-inspiring nature! Iceland is full of life and vibrant energy. The locals will welcome you with open arms and don't be shy to strike up a conversation, Icelanders are known for wanting to practice their language skills and share their local secrets. If culture or shopping is something you're into there's plenty of that too, from Scandi-chic design stores in the charming old town to designer wear in Reykjavík's only mall. And don't forget - Reykjavík is next door to nature so make some time to explore some of the amazing natural wonders, some just half an hours drive away from the downtown area and if you can spare a whole day you'll be guaranteed at least five moments of jaw-dropping beauty.

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