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Kristín Rós

Senior Guide

Kristín Rós has been with Pink Iceland from the early days. She used to come in from time to time to guide tours for us and as we gotten busier we've done our very best to get her on as many tours as we can! It's safe to say that everyone who goes on Kristín's tours falls in love with her charm, wit and wonderful personality.  She is incredibly knowledgeable and an all around gem of a person and we're lucky to have her! Kristín is currently in Sweden which means she is unfortunately not available as a guide at the moment. Kristín Rós, if you're reading this, come home, we miss you!

Kind words for Kristín Rós:

'The real highlight was our two days with Kristin, who was our guide for the Golden Circle and south shore trips. She was personable and relaxed, quickly adjusting our plans when necessary and adding a lot of local color to our trip. 
This is exactly what we were locking for in a local, gay tour experience. Thanks to Kristin and Gudni for all their help in making Reykjavik one of our favorite vacation destinations. We can't wait to come back and will be working with Pink Iceland again!

My partner and I ended up having a personal tour with Kristin on the Golden Circle and South Shore tours. She was beyond fabulous, extremely knowledgable and super friendly. Such a pleasure to have met her and now a friend for life!

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