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Kristín María

Wedding Photographer

While Kristín María does offer her services on a freelance basis she has become so much a part of the Pink Iceland family that when our history is written she will always play a big part in how we got here. When Pink Iceland was founded as a travel agency in 2011, offering weddings on the side, Kristín had just graduated from photography school. When we started getting our first wedding planning requests we sought out Kristín who was in turn excited to start photographing weddings. Thus began our amazing journey during which Kristín has photographed over 100 weddings with the same enthusiasm and love she brought to her very first wedding shoot. It was meant to be. 

Kind words for Kristín María:

Kristin Maria, saying she is a skilled photographer feels absurd. She is an artist with incredible creativity and vision. She knows the best locations and how to compose jaw dropping shots in difficult terrain, angles and lighting. All of the photos we’ve gotten are just amazing and several have made every single person who has seen them gasp and shout “oh my god!” That is no exaggeration, they are stunning. I have to share too that we had a full day shoot planned with certain locations that we just love. The bugs and rain were going to make photos difficult, so Kristin asked us to consider changing our location plans. We trusted in her advice and let her take us wherever she recommended. She showed us why she is the best at what she does and she very accurately guessed where we would have better weather and avoid the bugs. She was very patient with my husband and I, neither of us are naturals in front of the camera for sure.

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