Pink Iceland's advice to you before your visit to Iceland

The Pink Iceland team really wants you to have the absolute best time ever during your travels in Iceland and in addition want to give you some general advice that will make your travels and life easier and possibly more fabulous while in Iceland.

Iceland is gay friendly


In Iceland gay couples walk hand in hand and the general atmosphere is very gay friendly. We always get the occasional stare but that‘s mostly curiosity. Gay people stand equal to straight people in the eyes of the law and in 2012 the first law was  passed on the road to assure transgender rights in Iceland.



​​​Excellent advice on how to stay safe in Iceland. We highly recommend you take a look at these safety information and use the 112 APP when travelling. We will always do our best to advice you during your travels in Iceland but keep in mind that the weather can change quite rapidly and we always have to respect nature.

Information on road conditions and weather


Information on road conditions is entered from 7:00 - 22:00 and are displayed here almost immediately. Outside these hours, information remains unchanged and is erased at some point after midnight.

Weather information comes from automatic weather stations and is therefore updated on a 24-hour basis. Weather forecasts can be found at the Icelandic Meteorological Office homepage.

At the airport


The DUTY FREE STORE is your last chance to buy your duty free allowance of beer, wine and and spirits. Once you have entered Iceland the goverment taxes alcohol heavily and the prices can be 3 times more expensive than at the airport.

Tax free shopping


​Tax free shopping is brilliant! Visitors can reclaim Value-added taxes (VAT) on purchases exceeding 4000 ISK in each shop. Look for the Tax free sign and ask the sales clerk. 

Credit card​


​​Have you let your bank know that you are travelling to Iceland? You should, otherwise they might close your card when you try to use it overseas for security reason. This has happened more than once and more than twice so be sure before you head on over here.



​​​Icelanders are crazy for free WiFi. There is free wifi almost everywhere you go in Reykjavik and in many many places in the country. You will most likely not see any signs advertising free WifFi but that‘s only because we assume everybody knows about it. If you can‘t find it on your gadget, just ask.

​Tourist information


Look no further! Our office is located on Hverfisgata 39,  in the city centre of Reykjavik. Our email is and our number +354 562 1919.


We look forward to hearing from you!

Money (money money, must be funny)


​​​In Iceland we use the Icelandic króna (ISK). All major currencies can be exchanged at the airport and banks. Here you can find the exchange rate. Almost any place in Iceland accepts credit cards so don't worry about bringing huge amounts in Icelandic bills.



​​​Before you pack your curling iron, sleeping light, boombox and other necessities make sure you have the right plug or an adaptor.

Iceland has 220 voltage, 50 HZ AC, and standard European (german type) plugs.



​​​So many geothermal pools, so little time. Try one of our numerous geothermal pools. The closest one in the city centre is Sundhöllin swimming pool, if the big diving board is open you have to jump, it's in your contract.



​​​When travelling in Iceland you should bring along lightweight woollens, a sweater or cardigan, a rainproof (weatherproof) coat and sturdy walking shoes. A swim suit is almost essential. Remember to study the weather report.



​​​Service and VAT are invariably included in prices in Iceland and tipping is not required. However, if you are very pleased with the service provided, Icelanders are not offended if they are offered a tip.



​​​The Emergency number in Iceland is 112 and one of Pink Iceland's owners is a nurse.



​​​​Can you drink water from tap in Iceland? YES! Yes you can! You can drink the tap water in Iceland all day every day and it is delicious. Don't worry if the hot water smells a bit funny, it's because it's so natural and geothermal.

​Banks & Post offices


​​​Banks are usually open from 09:00 -16:00 on weekdays.
There are post offices located in all major communities in Iceland. General hours in Reykjavik are: Mon-Fri 09:00-18:00. The one in 101 Reykjavík (city centre) is located in Pósthússtræti 5. 


​Grocery stores


​​​​Bónus supermarket (yellow w/pink pig, classy we know) is the cheapest, located on Laugavegur and Hallveigarstígur in the city centre. Open until from 10/11 - 18:00/18:30​. 10/11 is a chain store, pricier but usually open 24/7.



​​​Iceland is on Greenwich Mean Time, GMT, and does not go on daylight savings time.

Iceland is also on partytime! Excellent!



When making a call to Icelandic numbers you put +354 in front of the number. If you want to make a prank call to an Icelandic number it's also +354.



If you get into any trouble and need the help of your embassy we can help you find the number and address. But please don't get yourself into trouble! But if you do, call us!


What's the weather like in Iceland? Does Iceland have sun? Have Icelanders seen the sun? Do igloos have windows? Does it ever stop snowing in Iceland?

This is the website Icelanders depend on and yes there is an English version which has all the answer!

Parking in Reykjavik & Akureyri

Down town Reykjavík and down town Akureyri are the only places in Iceland where you have to worry about paying for parking, usually the area where you have to pay is pretty well marked so you shouldn't miss it.

Do I need a visa to go to Iceland

Here is a list of countries that need a visa to visit Iceland and here is a list of countries that don't need a visa to visit Iceland.

Do I need an international drivers license in Iceland?


A foreign driver's license is valid in Iceland for those who stay here on temporary basis. The principle is, however, that if a person has permanent residence in Iceland (normally legal domicile) he or she must hold an Icelandic driver's license.




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