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We've all been through a lot these couple of years and learnt that it might be time to slow down a bit. We here at Pink Iceland have noticed that our guests want to stay longer and experience a one-ness with nature and her elements rather than necessarily rush around the country taking in as many sights as possible. Don't worry, you can still do that, but if you can, why not add a few days of rest and relaxation to your days in Iceland, allow yourself to get grounded before it's time to leave again.. 

Unwind, become one with nature, look for the Aurora Borealis, drink wine in a hot tub and catch up on sleep.  Whatever you use your days and nights for we'll make sure it's done from just the right cabin, luxury hotel or downtown apartment.

How does it work?

Get in touch with us - tell us how you'd like to spend your time in Solitary Refinement and we'll come back to you with a tailor made suggestions for transfers and accommodation. Feel free to use the photos below for inspiration:

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