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PINK PRIDE PACKAGE for Reykjavik Pride 2020

Reykjavik Pride has become a festival which not only promotes LGBTQI (Lesbian, Gay, Bi, Trans, Queer & Intersex) visibility but also a festival where the whole nation comes together in celebrating the fact  that in Iceland you can enjoy the freedom of being and living as you are. The Pride Festival is filled with exciting events, lectures, a queer cruise, gay walks, a family festival, concerts, gallery openings, parties, big queer dance on Saturday after the parade and of course the very special Pride Walk we'll do instead of the traditional Parade.  

​LGBTQI Travel specialist Pink Iceland is proud to offer The Pink Pride Package for the 2020 Reykjavík Gay* Pride from August 4th - 8th. The Pink Pride Package is a mix of colourful culture, amazing nature, fantastic music, great food and a lot of fun! We will make sure you won't miss a thing during this amazing Pride festival. 

*While Pink Iceland and  Reykjavik Pride are thoroughly inclusive and have stopped referring to its Pride as 'Gay' we still need to make these word combinations from time to time in our texts to optimise our search engine results so that we can be more easily found online when potential guests look us up. More information about our policies can be found HERE.

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