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Sara has been an integral part of Pink Iceland's wedding planning team for years now. With a background in production and being the wonderful human she is she took to wedding planning immediately. With her emotional intelligence, sense of adventure and knowledge of Iceland she makes a star Iceland Wedding Planner. She is 100% dedicated to making sure Pink Iceland's couples leave the country with great memories. We are lucky to have Sara on our team and you'll feel lucky too when you get in touch and get a reply from her! Well we could and do say that about all our members, but hey, imagine how lucky that makes Pink Iceland :)

Wedding Planner

Kind words for Sara:

My partner and I decided to elope last December. We weren't sure about reaching out to a wedding planner in the first place but looking back, we're so glad that we did. Everyone in Pink Iceland is so nice, but we had the pleasure to deal with Sara in particular for our big day. Sara is wonderful, kind and goes above and beyond. We're very lucky and grateful to have had her on our side. The day turned out to be perfect, stress-free and simply beautiful. Thank you Sara <3

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