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Do you have an Iceland Wedding Question? Planning an Iceland wedding and don't know what to do next? Wondering where is the best place to elope? Have a question about what Iceland Wedding Celebrant is best suited for you? Pink Iceland, a Wedding planner in Iceland with a dedicated 5 star rated team is happy to answer any and all questions you have about getting married in Iceland, whether it's here on our Iceland Wedding FAQ page or via email: pinkiceland (@) 


What do you wear to a wedding in Iceland?

Layers, is the short answer. But we do encourage all guests to an Icelandic wedding to pay close attention to the weather forecast and seek information about the ceremony location. Remember to bring a pair of sensible shoes and an umbrella. Chances are you won't need either but better safe than sorry. 


Can a US citizen get married in Iceland? 

Yes - absolutely, and Icelandic authorities even issue an internationally recognised wedding certificate that is valid in the US.

Do I need a Visa to come to Iceland and get married? 

Citizens of the United States and European Union (EU and EEA) do not need a Visa. Please check this site for more info.

Who Needs and Who Doesn’t Need a Schengen Visa to Travel to Europe?

Please find information HERE.

What documents do I need to get married in Iceland?

Iceland Wedding Requirements are listed on our website HERE. Take a look the required documents for an Iceland wedding and rest assured we can assist you with this process from beginning to end.

Do I need my documents translated? 

Documents that are not in English, Danish, Swedish or Norwegian need to be translated into English by a certified translator and notarised.


Will my Iceland officiant speak English? 

You are in luck, yes they will. Icelanders learn English from early in their childhood and speak it quite fluently with it being our second language. 


Will my Iceland officiant speak German or French? 

Not as many speak German or French as they do English but we will try our best to book the officiant with the best language skills so you feel as comfortable as possible in your own ceremony. 


What is the best time to get married in Iceland? 

Every day! Seriously, every season in Iceland has it’s charm but they are completely different from each other. Here are facts that we think are helpful in determining what season is right for you: 


Summer // May - September

Midnight sun. The days are considerably longer in summer than winter in Iceland which means that you have all the time in the world to catch some amazing wedding photos AND you could even have a midnight wedding. Having a midnight or an evening wedding not only provides beautiful light but also way less people around, so if you have your heart set on getting married by one of Iceland’s most famous waterfalls usually crowded with people why not set a date around mid-June and get married close to midnight? 


Winter  // October - April

More ice caves! In summer many of the ice caves in Iceland are closed/not accessible but in Winter when it gets colder they take form and become available for people to explore and even get married! 

Northern Lights. We can not guarantee but the Winter in Iceland is the season for Northern Lights and if you are one of the lucky ones that gets to end their wedding day with a Northern Lights display… well then you’re done, good! 


We are already legally married and just want a symbolic ceremony, can you arrange that? 

Yes we can. We’ve done both vow renewals and symbolic ceremonies. 


How much does an Icelandic wedding cost? 

That depends on you.  Are you thinking of an Icelandic elopement? Do you want your day to be adventurous? Comfortable? Do you want to travel between destinations by car or helicopter? Or perhaps you have 100 guests joining you and you’d like to treat them like royalty during their stay! We’d love to hear what you have in mind for your Iceland wedding and to schedule a video call where we can talk through it and live budget with you. You can also check out our wedding services information site for some estimates. If you get in touch with us one of the first things we do is reach out with some initial information and some estimates and then we love to book a video call to get to know you better as well as roughly go over the costs of a wedding in Iceland, based on what you have in mind, so please don't hesitate to get in touch with us.

Why hire Pink Iceland as your wedding planner? 

We have the best team ever and we truly enjoy what we do. We are a fully licensed and responsible company that employs experienced wedding planners as well as tour guides which is the perfect combination when creating an Iceland wedding experience, all the details of the wedding and the pre and post activities. What could go a long way to convince you if you look us up on TripAdvisor and read through the reviews, we're pretty close to 500 5 star reviews and a lot of our wonderful couples go into details about their Iceland wedding experience with Pink Iceland. 


How does PInk Iceland make money?

We charge a planning fee for our expertise and guidance in the planning process. Where applicable we also collect commissions. You can read more in our Honesty Policy 


Will you help us find a location for our Iceland wedding? 

Of course, a big part of our planning services is to not only find you an amazing location for your wedding ceremony but also locations throughout the day for more epic Iceland wedding photos. We will try to steer you away from the most popular spots with other travellers as most couples appreciate more privacy during the ceremony but we’d never deny you the opportunity of taking that picture in front of Seljalandsfoss or in Reynisfjara black beach that you’ve always dreamt of. If you are feeling adventurous and would like to get off the beaten track we’d celebrate that adventure and have locations only reachable by super jeeps or helicopters in mind! 

Iceland Wedding Celebrant, who are they? 

Pink Iceland is lucky to work with nice, amazing, fun and loving celebrants who perform legal ceremonies. There are four types of Iceland Wedding Celebrants that work with Pink Iceland, Humanist officiants from Siðmennt, Ministers, Nordic Chieftains and Representatives from the Magistrate's Office. Throughout the planning process we will assist you with finding the perfect Wedding officiant for you. 


Does Pink Iceland only do LGBTQ+ weddings? 

Pink Iceland has a simple motto, to work with nice people. We have a sign in our window asking people not to enter if they are racist, sexist or queer-phobic. If you're none of these things, welcome.

What is the wedding planning process like?

Once the initial planning fee is paid we’ll share an online folder with you, full of  information and topics for you to think about, question and comment on. This folder contains a “Masterplan” which will serve as a live account of all the planning and decisions made in the process. Beside the Masterplan you will always have access to a costs spreadsheet and other information relevant to your wedding planning. Your planner will be on hand throughout the planning process via email and when needed phone and or video conversations. Rest assured we will always try to match or beat online prices and, if anything, we will be saving you money and a lot of time and effort.  This also makes everything easier & simpler as you to only deal with one person throughout the planning process.

What if same sex marriage is not legal in my country?

You can  get legally married in Iceland and the marriage certificate you receive will be in English so you can register your marriage in a country where same sex marriage is legal. If your country does not recognise same sex marriage YET you can not register your marriage there or in any country where same sex is not approved.

Who should I invite to my destination wedding?

Make sure it's full of people you love and want to share your day with. You are already doing something unconventional and adventurous getting married in Iceland so you don’t have to follow any rules or tradition when deciding your wedding guestlist. Great questions to ask yourselves when determining who to invite: Do we hang out with them? Would we call them if we needed something or someone to talk to? Do you enjoy them and their company? 

And if you are already worried about the drama someone might cause or imagine a look they would shoot you, that’s a strong hint that they shouldn’t be there.

How do you elope in Iceland?

First step is to come to a mutual decision with your partner. Many of our elopement couples started out planning a big white wedding back in their home country and soon found out it wasn't for them. They got overwhelmed and asked themselves, who are we doing this for, answer: ourselves. That led them on a search of the internet, amazing places to elope or they were already in love with Iceland and decided to pick Iceland for their wedding. Some people elope in secret video calling their families after they say I do in their wedding clothes in the Icelandic nature and others decide to invite a close number of people with them to share the experience. 

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