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We have cried reading the reviews we've received from grateful couples from all over the world. Planning a wedding creates an incredibly intimate bond between planner and couple, a bond we try to honour and respect,  a bond sometimes leads to life-long friendships. We really encourage you to read through what other people have said about what we do as it should really give you an idea of what we stand for and how we work. 

With 8 years of experience, an amazing team of planners and over 550 beautiful weddings of all shapes and sizes under our belt you can rest assured that you are in the best hands possible. Our reputation speaks for itself and we encourage you to read what couples have shared about working with Pink Iceland as it will give you an insight into the personal, yet professional services we offer. 

An Indispensable Part of Our Wedding Day

Planning an international wedding, albeit a small one, presents a whole host of challenges, but Hannes from Pink Iceland was there every step of the way. Hannes was able to anticipate our needs, present us with a menu of options to plan our day from start to finish, and act as a liaison between us and our different vendors. Hannes was also one of the first people we called when we accidentally became stranded in the Westfjords on our honeymoon! He helped us to facilitate a happy ending to that near disaster.

Since we had only twelve guests, we were debating whether or not we needed an on-site coordinator on the day of the ceremony—but we were ultimately so grateful that we chose to have Hannes with us on the day. His calming presence and humor put us at ease, and despite the wind and rainy weather, our wedding went off without a hitch.

Most importantly, Hannes was instrumental in helping us navigate the paperwork requirements to obtain an Icelandic wedding certificate. Coming from the US, meeting the requirements would have been nearly impossible without his guidance and advocacy. Our experience is a testament to Pink Iceland’s commitment to their clients, making a couple’s story and vision come to life. Don’t hesitate to contact them—you will have a wonderful, rewarding experience!



“Most memorable Wedding day

Pink Iceland helped bring the dream of our Iceland wedding to fruition and exceeded our expectations in every possible way.

From the first communications with our planner, Sigridur (Sigga), it was clear that we made the perfect choice in Pink Iceland. I had talked with several other similar companies, but no others compared to the level of time and attention and clear passion that the kind people of Pink Iceland showed us. Sigga listened to our vision for the day, our budget and all of our thoughts and worries and she worked with us every step of the way to create the most beautiful experience for us. She communicated with us every step of the way to ensure everything went just as we imagined (and within budget!). In true Iceland fashion when the weather for our outdoor ceremony became relentless with powerful winds and rain she immediately contacted me with another venue option and had everything mapped out for us. Sigga was seriously incredible. INCREDIBLE!

Kristin Maria was our photographer and is an absolute GEM to work with - she was incredibly genuine, kind and made the day so special for us. She created the most beautiful photos to remember our day, even in the powerful wind and rain! She WORKED, hunny! Kristín was so friendly and welcoming to my whole group and made us feel at ease and welcome in the country - absolutely loved working with her.

Ziggy was our day of planner and essentially miracle worker and made sure our day went smoothly and according to plan. Ziggy was incredibly friendly, warm and hilarious! Our time alone as a couple away from the wedding party driving for the photo shoot along with Kristín and Ziggy is the most memorable to us. They both worked tirelessly for HOURS to find the best locations, make sure we were warm with blankets in the car in between being soaked for photos (so fun!!) and had drinks, snacks and lots of laughs and great conversation along the way. Those hours in the car with them were so special to us. Ziggy and Kristin were a dream team and contributed hugely to the fond memory we have of our wedding day. Absolutely in love with both of them!

Our makeup artists for the bridal party, Eyglo and Helen did such an incredible job and eased all of stress that morning. Magnus, the tour bus driver, gave our guests an incredible tour of waterfalls after the ceremony.

Anna Brynja was our officiant and WOW, just wow. After the ceremony my friends and family said “do you guys know her????” Because the story of our love she told during the ceremony was so spot on from our interviews with her that my friends could not believe we had not known her for years. She painted such a beautiful picture of our love and commitment to each other.

If you are considering Pink Iceland - DO IT! You must! They are sure to curate the most special day for you, your friends and family. Thank you Pink Iceland for all that you have done for us - we will be back!

Best Wedding Planners!

You very well may be smarter than me and can hack it at planning a wedding abroad but I didn’t cut it :) The logistics can be overwhelming and not to mention the paperwork to make the whole thing legal! Eva Maria at Pink Iceland took ALL the stress out of the process. I cannot recommend her (or the company) enough! As soon as I talked to her, I felt immediately relieved and calmer about the whole situation. Eva Maria took care of everything and made it so easy! She simply shared a document with me where I could answer questions about what I liked and didn’t like, what I wanted and didn’t want, and then clearly outlined what I needed to do at what time. She made our day everything we wanted because we didn’t have to worry about all the little details - we only needed to enjoy the day.

Additionally, she introduced us to our incredible officiant, Bjarni! If you are looking for someone to help make those vows legal, then you couldn’t find anyone better! Bjarni is one of those wonderfully kind people that immediately makes you feel at ease and like he understands you and your partner’s love. He helped make our vows everything we wanted and made us feel like he was immediately a close friend.

All in all, Bjarni and Eva Maria exceeded every wild expectation we had about our wedding day! I don’t want to imagine doing it without them - so make sure you book them :)

Pink Iceland gave us the most amazing memories!

My husband and I had the absolute pleasure of enlisting the help of Pink Iceland for our wedding trip in 2017 and would recommend them to anybody.

They made the whole experience of planning a wedding trip easy with regular, speedy communication and honest guidance and advice. It was the best money we have ever spent! 

Sigga was our planner and saw us right the way through from the early stages of planning, all the way to waving us off from the pink Iceland office the day before our wedding (sigga was even pregnant at the time!) we still don't know how she did it! 

She translated our jumbled ramblings of ideas into the wedding of our dreams and made it happen with such ease (even with a baby on the way!). 
Thanks to Sigga we have zero regrets about our wedding and she helped to build memories that we will share with our families for years to come.
Over the year of planning we loved getting to know her and count her as a friend. We can never thank her enough!

Guðni looked after our wedding guests for the actual trip itself. He made the whole weekend truly memorable. He really does know his stuff and we all enjoyed the time we spent with him. From the coach journey to standing behind me and helping me with my veil, he was there for every step of the trip helping us with anything we needed. After hearing stories of the amazing hero gudni, our 3 year old godson back home even named his 'elf on the shelf' after him! Ha

If you are thinking about using pink Iceland or just curious about how they can support you, we would urge you to reach out to them. The team are all amazing and you definitely won't regret meeting them!

“Haffi is the best!!”

Haffi planned my husband's and my wedding in May 2019. Husband and I knew we wanted something small, intimate, and non-traditional for our wedding, and Haffi helped us achieve our dream wedding from across the Atlantic ocean. We were married by the Nordic chieftan Hilmar in a beautiful and moving ceremony. We were so incredibly fortunate to be matched with Haffi in the planning process. I would recommend Pink Iceland for wedding planning to anyone who is looking for a wedding planner. I also appreciate that Pink Iceland's humanistic, non-judgmental view towards love.


My husband and I wanted to elope in Iceland and decided to plan it through Pink Iceland upon reading so many strong reviews and recommendations. All we can say is our trip and elopement were just perfect. We cannot recommend them enough! Sigga and Sara were so friendly, professional, and accommodating. We chose Kristin Maria as our photographer. Her work is stunning, and we are obsessed with the photos! Our experiences in Iceland and working with Pink Iceland were magical. Thank you!

Megan&Tim-JulietteRowland27 (1).jpg
“The Perfect Wedding”

Six days ago, my husband and I exchanged vows and pledged our love atop a mountain overlooking the most beautiful waterfalls in Iceland. And it was all thanks to the incredible Pink Iceland that our dreams of a magical wedding became reality.
Words cannot begin to express how astonishingly amazing our time and wedding were, and how grateful we are to the Pink Iceland staff for coordinating every last detail to perfection.

John and I are truly in awe of how helpful, personable and professional everyone was throughout our experience. 
We feel so fortunate to have had Helga as our celebrant; her words were so inspirational and meaningful to us.
Olof’s voice was unbelievably amazing and brought tears to our eyes. We’ve been listening to her music nonstop, and I promised her to send some of my grandmother’s pierogis (it’s her favourite Polish food). 

The photographers, Arctic Weddings Iceland, were so wonderful and made us feel so comfortable and at ease - we can’t wait to see the pictures and share them with the world!
Gudni, our wedding guide, made sure everything went so smoothly and we had a fabulous time chatting and relaxing with him - thank you so much!

Pink Iceland, from the bottom of our heart, we truly thank you forever.

All our love,
Monika and John

“Best Icelandic Elopement”

My (now) husband and I are from California and wanted to have the ultimate adventure for our wedding day – exploring the South Shore of Iceland – somewhere we’ve never been to but was always our dream destination. We started planning our adventure elopement about 10 months before, and we ended up planning it a bit backwards: We found our photographers and videographers first and agreed on a date that way so that it worked out for everyone.. However, as the wedding date drew nearer, and a few family members and friends insisted on coming (haha), I started to panic a little and wanted more structure with planning this adventure. 

When I first contacted Pink Iceland, I explained that I had pretty much the bulk of the planning taken care of, and all I was really looking for was some assistance with planning a reception dinner for my guests. I first spoke with Birna (one of the owners) via Skype and she was super sweet. After explaining what we needed, she highly recommended doing a wedding tour, where you bring your guests with you as you take photos at the locations so no one gets lost, we get escorted by a friendly guide, and there’s no stress with herding people around. After going back and forth with the pricing, I told Birna that it was out of my budget and she didn’t push or upsell in any way but instead she wished me all the best which I really appreciated. A few weeks later, I ended up emailing Birna to move forward with the planning. She got started right away, and picked up things where I left off – taking over the booking of our officiant, giving advice on ceremony locations, made sending in payments very easy with a booking link, and hooked us up with a makeup artist (the one I originally booked was a student and was no longer available). She took over all aspects of the planning and made things so much smoother!

Fast forward to the days leading up to the wedding, I made a last-minute decision and asked Birna to join us and be our wedding planner for the day (this is an extra fee to have the planner present). I was initially bummed that she was busy but she sent Haffi instead, and he was amazing! With the days leading up to the wedding, Birna and I went back and forth with emails regarding the schedule. The forecast for the wedding day was turning out to be very sunny – very rare for Iceland. Since this was not all that ideal with photos with harsh lighting, our photographers wanted to push out our day as much as possible versus our 12:00pm start date. Birna and her team listened to our concerns and agreed to play everything by ear. She let everyone know (makeup/hair), driver guide and officiant so I didn’t have to lift a finger! 

On the day of the wedding, everything went so smoothly. My makeup artist, Sigurbjörg, was so sweet. She showed up to the house right on time and listened to my vision… She nailed my hair and makeup! Shortly after, everyone started to arrive, and I met Haffi (my wedding planner) and David (the driver/guide). Haffi brought the Icelandic cake we ordered and my bouquet from Thordis (who makes the most gorgeous flower arrangements!). I didn’t know this was planned at first, but Haffi escorted just myself and my husband in his own car, while our guests followed with David in a shuttle bus. This was really one of the highlights because this was how we envisioned our wedding day – just us two. It was so great to have that alone time with my husband, and Haffi was a pleasure, sharing his knowledge of the south shore! We stopped at Dyrholaey to take several photos, and then made our way to a private waterfall where we would have our ceremony. We were planning to have the ceremony at a location by the stream that had the waterfall in the distance, but given the fact that it was still way too sunny and would produce photos with harsh lighting, we had the ceremony at the base of the waterfall. Although it was a little loud with the water coming down, it was the most romantic thing that has ever happened to us! After the ceremony ended, our photographers wanted to have some photos of just us 2 and Haffi took our guests a little further back out where they had a champagne picnic waiting. We joined our guests shortly after and had delicious Icelandic donuts and chocolates, as well as some of my favorite bubbly! Afterwards, we made our way to Skogafoss, where my husband and I got drenched by the wind and waterfall! Haffi had blankets and hot coffee waiting for us back at the car – he had everything we never would’ve thought of! We even took a shot of schnapps that he had in his trunk.:) We ended the day at Reynisfjara at sunset, where at this point, the crowds were much less than usual. For dinner, Haffi picked us up some burgers at a local burger joint and brought it over to our house to enjoy. It was the most delicious burger I’ve ever had – we’re so glad they recommended this burger joint! All of my guests loved the burgers, the cake, and both David and Haffi! To this day, they share with everyone how much they’ve learned from the tour with David, and how awesome Haffi was. I didn’t know this at the time, but my dad said that David helped turn tourists away when we had our ceremony at the private waterfall. I think most of the tourists didn’t mind waiting since it was a wedding ceremony but if Pink Iceland wasn’t there, we wouldn’t have had that intimate feeling for the ceremony if there were tourists in the background. It was the little things that really made this day perfect, and Pink Iceland attended to every detail! We can’t thank you guys enough – they are the best in the business! 

Thank you so much, Haffi, Birna, David, and the rest of the Pink Iceland team! So sorry it’s taken me so long to write you guys a review.

Pauline + Miguel :)


Do yourself a favor and book with Pink for all your wedding needs! We hired Birna to help with the legal paperwork, and honestly wished we'd hired her for everything. She was amazing - warm, friendly, and so helpful. Everyone we worked with in Iceland said "Pink is the best" and we agree!

“Sensational Pink Iceland”

I went to Iceland for my nephews' wedding. Pink Iceland organized it all with my nephew and then reached out to all the guests. The team was great! The communication, accommodations and sights suggested were superb. The best wedding I have ever attended!! Two things happened that illustrate how great Pink Iceland is. One, because of conditions; the original wedding site was closed right before the wedding. Pink Iceland arranged another seamlessly due to their extensive network of friends and colleagues. Secondly, I got sick, with a single email from me, they changed my tours instantly. Traveling is always full of the unexpected, with Pink Iceland no problem is too small (or big) for them to solve. If anyone mentions to me plans to travel to Iceland, Pink Iceland will get my recommendation 

“Wedding Planners and So Much More!”

Hiring Pink Iceland, and especially Sigga, for our wedding in West Iceland in November, 2015 was the best decision we ever made. Sigga was such a pleasure to work with - so helpful, personable and responsive every step of the way. She helped us find our photographers, officiant, hair and makeup stylist, and florist, who were all amazing and talented, coordinated with our reception venue, booked hotels and set the timeline for the day. She went above and beyond time and time again making sure we we got the best service and prices, facilitating communication between everyone and making sure everything was on schedule the day of the wedding even though she wasn't physically there. The entire experience exceeded our greatest expectations for our wedding and truly was perfect. I can confidently attribute this to the work of Sigga and Pink Iceland.

My husband I also reached out to Pink for help planning our honeymoon around the Ring Road. Haffi immediately agreed to help, providing suggestions for what to see, places to stay and tours to take. He created an itinerary specific to our trip, complete with a map for each day, and modified it for us a few times as he helped us finalize the days. Haffi reached out to us during the trip to make sure we arrived at our hotel after he checked the weather and saw that we spent the day driving through the snow to get there. It was very comforting to know he was looking out for us.

Finally, while in Iceland for the wedding our parents took a day tour with Pink Iceland along the South Coast and had the most amazing time with their guide, Gudni, who they said was extremely friendly and knowledgable about everything they saw.

As you can see Pink Iceland is more than just a tour company. They are a group of dedicated, talented, stellar wedding coordinators, trip planners and tour guides who have so much passion for what they do. Without a doubt I would highly recommend them for any of their services.

“A Perfect Wedding Experience”

Pink Iceland did an absolutely amazing job planning out wedding and making everything so special. From the first email I sent, Pink got back to me within the day! They made the whole process so easy and made the whole trip, not just the wedding better than we could have every hoped for! Everything from our wedding day through the tours and all the arrangements were incredible and seamless. Gudni, our tour guide, was awesome. We really enjoyed him and he made sure we had a great time and even showed us some things about Iceland you don't see in "regular big tours". And he even made a short recording of the ceremony which was such a nice surprise to have! And the minister Birna picked for the ceremony in Thingvellir was just perfect and we couldn't have hand picked someone better. He really did a ceremony that we enjoyed and was very much our style! We couldn't have picked someone better if we tried. Nina, the hair stylist was awesome and super friendly and professional. Everyone loved my hair and I couldn't have asked for a more perfect hair style! She was amazing coming back so quickly to help me fix it.  All the tours were excellent and ran so smoothly! Everything was booked and all we had to do was show up! Everyone and Pink Iceland made everything so easy and made our trip and Wedding so easy and worry free, especially the paperwork process and making sure everything was sufficient for the license before hand and then filing it for us so we didn't have to even think about it! Birna had planned the tours for us according to what we told her we wanted to do on our trip, and they were just fantastic. Everyone at Pink Iceland was so friendly and welcoming and understanding and always professional from planning to email responses to finding time to meet with us (as we were only there a short time). We are truly grateful for all Birna and Pink did for us. They made our wedding day and whole trip to Iceland a truly special and unforgettable experience.

“Pink Iceland Planned the Perfect Wedding”

Last winter my wife and I were planning a large wedding here in the states. During the planning stages, we eventually decided this wasn't for us and we wanted to do something more intimate with just our families. We loved our trip to Iceland last year so much that we decided that we wanted to do a destination wedding in Iceland. I searched online forweddings in Iceland and how to plan them. I came across Pink Iceland via their website and Trip Advisor. Reading the rave reviews about them I decided to send them an email and inquire. I was quickly answered by one of the co-owners, Hannes. Hannes was very quick to respond and had amazing communication throughout the process. At no point did I ever doubt his abilities to plan the perfect wedding for us. He went above and beyond to make sure that all the details that we wanted for our wedding were in place. We had a group of 17 people, plus 2 one year olds, and he did an amazing job giving us recommendations for places to eat while we were there, as well as communicating with various hotels to make sure they could accommodate our group. We also were able to talk to Hannes via Skype a few times throughout the process to discuss the wedding. I sent Hannes an abundance (maybe an excessive amount??) of emails throughout the process (sorry Hannes!) and at no point did I ever feel like he was annoyed or overwhelmed. Hannes is full of knowledge about Iceland and Reykjavik and he has plenty of tips for you to have the best time possible in Iceland. When we arrived in Iceland we went to their office to tie up a few loose ends. We were met by all of the Pink team, and we felt welcomed like we were long lost friends. They were all so excited to meet us and put the finishing touches on our wedding which was just a few days away.
Hannes planned the perfect wedding for us at Skogar Museum Church in September. We had a tour bus (Reykjavik Excursions) pick us up at our hotel, Frost and Fire Guesthouse, in Hveragerdi, the morning of the wedding, and take us to the church. After the perfectceremony (with a wonderful pastor which Hannes recommended) we explored Skogar, Reynisfjara Beach, and Seljalandsfoss waterfall via the bus. Along the way, one of Pink Iceland's tour guides, Gudni, gave us a very informative and entertaining insight to all of the places that we passed and went to. Everyone in our group loved him. Afterwards, we had a reception at the Frost and Fire Hotel which Hannes planned for us, which wasperfect! We would not change a thing about our wedding day and we cannot thank Hannes as well as the entire Pink Iceland family for everything they did for us. I cannot give them a higher recommendation. If you plan on doing any type of tour in Iceland, choose Pink Iceland! We cannot wait to go back!

Pink Iceland is the most capable, creative, and amazing resource for all your travel needs in Iceland

We recently held a destination wedding in Iceland with approx 50 family & friends flying in from all over Europe, Asia, and the US. The wedding turned out to a massive endeavor, where we rented a bus for a week and took everyone on a journey across all of South Iceland, to Jokulsarlon in the East, up to Langjokull in the center, and even on a ferry to the Westman Islands. Pink Iceland booked dependable and delightful vendors every step of the way and always stayed one step ahead, no matter how complex the request or how difficult the task. Planning a wedding is daunting and scary, but Hannes at Pink Iceland is a dependable masterful planner who took all the nerves out of the process. Never did I feel that they wouldn't be able to deliver as they remained transparent, trustworthy, and personal from day one through to the last guest departure. I can't stress enough the personal detail they brought to my wedding, always going that extra mile. If anyone is thinking of organizing a group tour or a wedding in Iceland, I'm happy to provide personal reference and vouch for the incredible work they can deliver. Pink Iceland also provide day tours and our guests enjoyed their Golden Circle as well as Reykjanes Peninsula tours. Both tours were met with great enthusiasm. I can't recommend Pink Iceland highly enough for all they've done to create an experience our 50 guests, my partner and I will never forget.

They planned my wedding!

My long-term partner and I were planning to visit Iceland and decided that we wanted to be married while we were there.
I found Pink Iceland online when I was researching gay weddings in Iceland, and the rest is history... (as they say!).

They were very friendly and thorough, and were able to answer all of my questions prior to our arrival in Iceland, so we knew exactly what to expect. When we met them in person, we liked them immediately, and found them to be warm, friendly and personable. They spent a lot of time with us on our wedding day, making sure that everything was handled properly.

After the wedding, we went back to them for advice on tours and they helped us have a great time in the rest of our stay. We highly recommend them!​

They're the BEST!

When my fiancé contacted Pink Iceland to seek help with planning a last-minute elopement to Iceland, he came across Pink Iceland and they were truly a godsend!

The staff promptly responded to all of our messages, answered our questions, provided relevant options that suited our needs, and made themselves available in every possible way so that we could easily reach them. They made us feel like part of their family, didn't pressure us to make choices, and never made us feel like our unique requests were ever a problem. True professionals with a passion for what they do, they had every base covered, always seemed to be one step ahead, and were super flexible with any changes or adjustments we needed to make.

Pink Iceland knows their stuff! From offering breathtaking locations for the ceremony to recommending the best stores where find particular items, the most delicious restaurants, the freshest flowers, what documents were required to make a marriage happen, what special sights we should see, plus when and how to get there - they were an endless source of support and knowledge that helped us make our dream into a reality!The staff is super friendly, professional, sympathetic, understanding, patient and tres chic! Their office is located in the heart of beautiful Reykjavik, they offer free wi-fi and are always there to greet you with a smile :) I look forward to returning for their guidance on our next adventure! We are forever grateful for their tireless efforts to cater to our needs!

Best Wedding and Tour company

We decided to get married in Iceland and drive around the Ring Road after the seemed a little overwhelming at first but Pink Iceland to the rescue! They helped us arrange a Wedding, 5 different hotels and 5 tours around the Island. They booked great places to stay that were original, hip and had great food. They also helped us narrow down what we wanted to do and booked our tours and times. The guides knew we were on our honeymoon and we were given little gifts along the way. It was great to sit back and enjoy ourselves. It was also wonderful to have them take care of paperwork, payments and little items that we overlooked. Birna was a pleasure to work with and we had a lot of fun at the Wedding. No stress with Pink Iceland involved!

PINK ICELAND - Warm, Wonderful and Welcoming

In August this year, my husband, Richard and I visited Iceland as part of our Scandinavian adventure and to realise our dream to be married! Sadly, at this stage, it is illegal for us to be married in our home country, Australia. However, we were extremely fortunate to find Pink Iceland on the Internet and to make contact with the CEO, Eva Maria Glimmer Thorarinsdottir Lange, who along with her partner Birna and the Pink Iceland Team, arranged our entire wedding, tours and attendance as gold pass members of the Reykjavik Pride Festival events. We cannot thank Eva, Birna and the Pink Iceland team for making our wedding and stay in Iceland such a beautiful and special experience. They were so welcoming and warm. We felt at ease straight away and have become friends and stay in touch on a regular basis. PInk Iceland is extremely professional, efficient and thorough in everything they do for you in order to make your stay as fantastic an experience as possible. They could not have done anymore for us. They tailored everything to our needs and tastes. It is their focus to ensure that your experience is special, unique and truly wonderful. We love Iceland, it's warm and wonderful people, the beautiful and majestic scenery and the mix of arts, culture, technology and unilateral equality and freedom for all! We love Pink Iceland and Pink Iceland Private Day Tours and would thoroughly recommend you to arrange your tours, accommodation, special events, weddings and to engage in their special events such as Rainbow Reykjavik, Bears on Ice and Reykjavik Gay Pride. RIchard and I would be back in a heart beat if we could right now! We will be back - It is a special place to us and Pink Iceland will forever remain in our hearts.

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Destination wedding in Snaefellsnes peninsula planned by Pink Iceland
Destination wedding in Iceland
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Wedding behind a waterfall in Iceland
Destination wedding in Iceland
Best wedding ever

My wife and I used Pink Iceland to plan and book our wedding/honeymoon in Iceland. Birna and Eva were so flexible and amazingly helpful. We stayed under-budget and they booked an amazing travel package for us! We had a private tour with a guide through the south of Iceland - we got to go glacier hiking, boating through an iceberg lagoon and drove ATVs through a field of pseudo-craters. Our wedding day was sweet -- we felt like were were surround by friends even though our families couldn't be with us. Pink Iceland found us an amazing photographer and we LOVE our wedding pictures. Our trip was during the beginning of October - the weather was really mild and the fall colors were beautiful! We really hope to get back to Iceland soon and wouldn't dream of booking with anyone else. If you are considering a trip to Iceland or looking for a destination for a legal gay/lesbian wedding you should definitely choose Pink Iceland!

Iceland wedding plannes Pink Iceland
Wedding inside the Langjökull Glacier, organised by Pink Iceland

We contacted Pink Iceland having seen photos of a previous wedding they organised inside the stunning Langjökull Glacier. It seemed only sensible to work with the same team to organise something that was most definitely out of the ordinary.
It's a complex venue, requiring real attention to detail, unique transport requirements, co-ordination between various parties and more than just a little bit of luck with the weather - which we certainly got - the hottest weather in over a decade!
Organising a wedding in another country from the UK is not straight forward, but Pink Iceland had it all in hand. From arranging paperwork, catering, managing transport, to liaising with the team at Into The Glacier at Langjökull, sorting out accommodation etc. 
The day went without a hitch. Faultless. Stunning. Words fail us when trying to describe what it is like getting married inside the heart of a glacier, with water dripping through crevasses on the walk to the chapel, and extraordinary sounds from the movement of the ice all around. The rest of the day was a trip around western Iceland with the incredible photographer Kristin Maria (a frequent photographer for Pink Iceland weddings). With a totally unique view of the stunning Icelandic surroundings we have loads of amazing images to remind us of what was truly a unique and once in a lifetime event for us all.

A totally unique experience

Pink Iceland helped my partner and I plan our wedding in Reykjavik earlier this month. It was such a hugely positive experience, and went so smoothly. I assumed that planning a wedding overseas would be hard work, difficult and stressful, but Pink Iceland were totally amazing and supportive in planning our day. Thanks to Birna and Hannes, we had an incredible day - it was so much fun and such an adventure that I'm still smiling about it now! Nothing was too much trouble for them and we were given such a warm welcome to Reykjavik that I know we'll go back. I can't wait to arrange our next trip to Iceland; we'll definitely use Pink Iceland to help us plan it.


Secret Elopement

Haffi at Pink Iceland planned our amazing secret elopement wedding. He helped us with every decision, gave great advice and was honest and upfront about the cost of each item. He made our dream day happen. He also planned our honeymoon around the south and the west of Iceland. Which was great he would check in from time to time and advised us on bad weather and gave wonderful restaurant recommendations. His travel guides were so easy to follow. I would 100% recommend this company. Lovely people.

Best decision for our wedding!

Hiring Pink Iceland to help plan our wedding was the best decision we made! I could not have planned everything on my own and have the result be as wonderful, amazing and smooth as it was. Every detail in setting up the location/reception, helping our guests plan their own trips, helping our family plan a family holiday, was handled with great care and kindness. The team at Pink Iceland are all so extremely kind, generous and helpful! They were always responsive and considerate of timelines and addressed any concerns that we had. The day of our wedding, they made a last minute change to our original outdoor picnic idea since it was raining and windy and our guests loved the choices they made!! Everything went so smoothly on our special day. We cannot thank this team enough! Their prices were also much much more reasonable than other wedding planners we considered in Iceland. I'm so thankful we had their help through the process. I hope they continue to exceed everyone's expectations and bring more love and joy to the world!

Intimate, customized, perfect!

Just came back from my cousin's absolutely epic wedding in Iceland done with the help of Pink Iceland. Hannes was there to personally oversee my cousin's wedding (with about 50 guests from all over the world). Tours were all well-planned, hotels were amazing, meals were phenomenal. The ceremony was done at the most intimate and historic church in a beautiful, remote area in Iceland. Pink Iceland helped coordinate travel and tours for a 7-day wedding where we toured all over southern and western Iceland- climbing volcanoes, floating amidst icebergs, driving onto glaciers, etc. My cousin has been planning this extravaganza for over a year and says the best things about Pink Iceland and Hannes, and everything was executed perfectly!!!

Excellent, Wonderful and would Highly Recommend Pink Iceland !!

My partner and I had a wonderful 4 days in Iceland, all organised by Pink Iceland including our wedding - we cannot recommend this company enough !!
From the moment we contacted Pink Iceland, they gave us fantastic reassurance that we were in professional and caring hands and that all aspects of our trip would be taken care of. On the wedding side of things, they took all the stresses out of the situation regarding the bureaucracy and all logistics, in particular as were 2 non Icelandic nationals. Throughout the whole time we were in Iceland, Birna, Eva, Hannes and their key guide Gudni made us feel like part of their family and really made us feel like they cared very much for our well being, comfort and happiness.
We had a wonderful wedding day - it was really special and a memory we will never forget.
Beyond that, we booked various tours with Pink Iceland (Northern Lights and Golden Circle Tour) and Gudni was a brilliant tour guide, informative, warm and super helpful throughout !
Iceland is an incredible country - and would highly recommend a visit. The landscape, geography and people are wonderful. A stopover on your to the US / way back would be a great idea too with Icelandair who do free stopovers - a wonderful incentive. We are really looking forward to returning next year and seeing Iceland in the summer for a long weekend ! And more importantly, catching up with Birna, Eva, Hannes and Gudni - overall, Pink Iceland are a brilliant company and we would highly recommend them !!!

A smooth & seamless wedding experience..thanks to the team at Pink Iceland

My partner and I decided to make Iceland the destination for our wedding. From the first moment I wrote Pink Iceland and heard back immediately from Birna, I knew we were in good hands. She was on top of all the planning details, offering various suggestions and options, responded in a timely manner and acted on our behalf with her colleagues in Reykjavik. The height of our trip was our wedding day where she arranged for 2 helicopters to take us on a 3 hour trip of this beautiful country and we 'tied the knot' at the foot of the most beautiful glacier..a truly memorable experience in making our day so special.... big thank you to the team that made all the planning so easy.

Fantastic organisation skills and lovely people

Our wedding trip was organised by Birna, Eva and Hannes at Pink Iceland. From the outset they listened to our requirements in every respect and they delivered: The right hotel, lovely restaurants and options for personalised tours.
Of particular mention:
• Within their service they personally chauffeured us around. Lots of fun. They speak to the locals in Icelandic to make things happen (they are very popular in the community so ‘action’ instantly with a smile on both sides) and they spoke to us in perfect English with the ability to slip into gossip and curse in English like troopers.
• They are doyens of: cuisine and wine, culture, nature and politics so it’s like spending time with your best friends.
• It was very special that Birna was one of our wedding witnesses. Nice to have her name immortalised on our Certificate.
We cannot recommend Pink Iceland more.

Excellent Wedding Planners

We had an amazing experience working with our wedding planner, Haffi, from Pink Iceland. He always replied to our multiple emails filled with questions within a day. There was no request too small or big for him to fulfill. At first, we weren't planning on having Haffi with us on the day of our wedding, but thank goodness we changed our minds. He made sure everything ran smoothly and even carried my wife's shoes and helped her change them throughout the day. He was also so thoughtful and made sure to have extra coats for us in between photos so we wouldn't freeze and kept the other tourists away during our ceremony at "Gatlekkur", the Arnarstapi Arch. We really don't know what we would have done without Haffi. He gave us peace of mind and made our special day even more magical than it already was. If you're unsure about using a wedding planner for you destination wedding to Iceland, I would say don't be. Just go ahead and book Pink Iceland and know you won't regret that decision.

Wedding planner perfection

A person's wedding day is one of those monumental moments in one's life that you build up these incredible expectations, hopes, and dreams about. Our wedding far exceeded those expectations thanks to Pink Iceland. We reached out to Birna with only 85 days until our target wedding date and something about her reply made us feel like this was the wedding planner for us. It was this quirky, kind, and positive one liner in the email that made it feel personable amidst paragraphs of information. Once we decided on Pink Iceland the process went smoothly. The only difficult things were deciding where on the beautiful island we wanted to get married and which of the talented people from the list Birna provided were right for us.
This is why we recommend Pink Iceland
1.) They are committed to YOUR wedding and making sure YOU get everything you want.
2.) They work within your budget and clearly communicate fees to help you stay within your budget
3.) They address every concern in a timely manner even with our 10 hour difference.
4.) They are skilled professionals and work with equally as talented individuals.
5.). Although we decided to elope and share the moment with just each other, the team that Birna assembled still made us feel like we were in the presence of family and friends. 
We could not be more pleased with our experience. Everyone we met associated with Pink Iceland has left a lasting impression. We can't thank them enough!!!

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