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Exceeds Expectations! 5 stars go to Pink Iceland

What's the weather like in Iceland? Might this be the most dreaded question we get as Iceland Wedding planners? Maybe if we didn't have the survival skills on point and over a decade of experience planning wonderful weddings in Iceland - but we do - so not really. But it's still the one that's most difficult to answer, it's never a certain whether you are arriving at summer solstice or in the middle of our dramatic winters. But it's a special extremely cool kinda people that decide to have their destination wedding in Iceland, they know they are not the boss, neither is their wedding planner. It's mother nature in all her glory.

M&J definitely got their taste of whimsical Iceland Weather during their 3 day wedding adventure. For the day before their wedding we had planned a South Shore tour with all the guests but hey, the roads were closed and nobody could leave or enter the city. No problem. We created a Reykjavik day for them to remember filled with delicious food, fun sightseeing and experiences that created great memories. And then as soon as the mountain pass opened we could drive them over to have some local Pizza and beer before checking into the cozy Frost and Fire.

Their wedding was absolutely gorgeous, should we say the calm-ish after the storm? That's what it felt like.

M&J shared their experience working with Pink Iceland as their Wedding planners and we'll pass the mix to them and allow them and their wedding photos by Kristín María to tell the story.

'Exceeds Expectations!

It all started out as a joke after we got engaged. We thought of doing a wedding different from the rest or somewhere we have never been. We contemplated on several places until Iceland came into our minds. As absurd as it sounds (we live in sunny SoCal), we googled how to plan a wedding in Iceland and came across some wedding planners. We left messages and 2 responded, one of which is Pink Iceland.

Iceland wedding venue Ulfljotskirkja church
Wedding ceremony venue: Úlfljótskirkja church. We love how it almost floats above the frozen lake.

Pink Iceland Wedding planners with bride
How many Pink Iceland Wedding planners does it take to get you safely into the church during a beautiful Iceland Winter snow storm?

We exchanged a few emails with Birna and we loved how flexible Pink Iceland could be when it comes to planning and budget. She made us confident that IT REALLY IS POSSIBLE to do the wedding in Iceland. February of 2021 we gave our go signal to Birna and she promptly sent us a masterplan along with a spreadsheet listing all the wedding essentials plus the costs that came along with them. One thing really good with Pink Iceland is that they don't try to upsell anything, everything about your wedding day will be decided by the couple and of course, Birna has always been there for consult. She took care of everything, even when we expressed concern about our venue, where we saw several negative comments in Google. Birna took the the time to find out and give us feedback.

Fast forward to a year later (we have to change our wedding date due to the pandemic), we met the whole crew in their office and were greeted enthusiastically. The weather had been unpredictable then, 3 snowstorms hit the country in less than 10 days. Pink Iceland were quick enough to give us alternative plans especially when we have to cancel the tour we booked for our guests the day before the wedding.

The service on the wedding day was superb- Birna, our officiating minister Eva Björk, the hair and makeup artist Margrét, and Hafsteinn were all wonderful! Birna personally drove to the venue which is in Hvergerdi, she personally picked up my bouquet, drove me to the church, was quick to put a coat on me after the ceremony where Pink Iceland also prepared us a delectable picnic. When the wind was so strong that it took the veil out of my hair and sent it to the frozen lake, Hafsteinn ran after it and we can't believe he actually jumped into the frozen lake just to retrieve the veil.

Newlyweds in Ulfljotsvatnskirkja church
Just married - walking down the aisle in Ulfljotskirkja church after saying their I dos.

Iceland wedding ceremony in Ulfljotskirkja church
Ulfljotskirkja where the couple got married in a beautiful and intimate wedding ceremony

Hafsteinn was the life of the group. He was our tour guide and at the same time, the host of our reception. Everybody just loved him! The wedding program had been so unique that nobody has ever experienced such entertainment before, ever. To top it off, Birna had been there to take charge. She even volunteered to look for one of our guest at the bus station, whose arrival was extremely delayed due to increment weather. We have never expected such extra help from the Pink Iceland team. We also had the the most brilliant and talented photographer, Kristin Maria, who is very quick to capture the beautiful candid moments of the day and gave us magnificent photos, with all the genuine smiles and laughter plastered on all our faces, such beautiful memories forever frozen in time.

Overall, we highly recommend Pink Iceland may it be for wedding planning or booking private group tours - Special thanks to Hannes for helping us book an unplanned tour in short notice. Never had we came across such efficient planners- always 5-10 steps ahead of everything! Our guests could not get over the entire trip (2 weeks after, as I am writing this review, we are still sharing stories and social media photos). As we all headed back home, we can't help but feel a pang of sadness for leaving beautiful Iceland and the great people - the Pink Iceland team. They just made our destination wedding even more special.

May Lynn and Joneal

Frost and Fire wedding reception
First dance at their Frost and Fire Wedding reception

We thank you from the bottom of our hearts for taking the time to write this spectacular review of the Pink Iceland team. It was an honour and a pleasure to be your Iceland Wedding planner :)


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