8 Reasons why you should get married in Iceland

Updated: May 5, 2020

There are far more than 8 reasons why it's an amazing idea to get married in Iceland and we will definitely fill you in on some more in the near future. Here are our first eight, in no particular order, cause who are we to play favourites?

The Icelandic midnight sun

Did you know that during the summer months Iceland has incredible amounts of daylight? Three beautiful and bright months around Summer Solstice which is June 21st where the daylight is anywhere from 17-20 hours and after that it’s not darkness, no it’s just beautiful twilight. When is the best time to visit Iceland and get married in the midnight sun? We would say anywhere from May until mid August is a great time to experience the continuous light. Icelandic Wedding photographers love the light during the Icelandic summers & especially when it gets a little later in the day cause then the magic really can happen.

So now you know that it doesn’t really get dark in Iceland during summer but what does that mean for your wedding? It means you can get married any time of the day? Are you dreaming of getting married at one of Iceland’s main attractions? Gullfoss? Geysir? Seljalandsfoss? And are you worried about the crowds? Well you can leave those notions of what time of day a wedding ceremony should be, at home and get married in the PM. If you are up for it why not turn your day completely around and get married at midnight?

Midnight sun wedding photo in South Iceland. Iceland Wedding photographer: Kristín María
Midnight sun in Reykjavik. Iceland Wedding photographer: Jenny Fu Studio

Get married in a country where Same sex marriage has been legal for a decade.

Iceland is a queer friendly destination. LGBTQI people largely enjoy the same rights as others, even though there is still progress to be made. Icelanders enjoy one marriage for all, regardless of sexual orientation or identity and LGBTQI people are protected against discrimination, regardless of sexual orientation, gender expression, gender identity and sex characteristics. Two women or two men walking hand-in-hand still evokes a reaction though - but nowadays the reaction is one of pleasant surprise and if you catch anybody eyeing you, you are more likely to be met with a beaming smile than a disapproving nod.

On the historic day June 27th in 2010 in the Icelandic Parliament Alþingi a bill was passed for a gender neutral marriage. Before Iceland had had registered partnerships for same sex couple from 1996 and the bill for those laws were also passed on June 27th.

Same Sex Marriage is legal in Iceland. Beautiful wedding photos by Kristin Maria

The elements

If you have been to Iceland it’s likely you’ve heard the joke: If you don’t like the weather, wait 5 minutes. This is so very true. So if you had a difficult time deciding what time of year you wanted to get married you can come to Iceland and experience more than one season within one day?

Your Pink Iceland Wedding planner is never far, always ready with a coat, blanket or a shot!

Pink Iceland

Wow, isn’t this just a little too much tooting of one's own horn? Maybe, but we believe it’s a unique opportunity for soonly-weds to work with a wedding planner that has over 500 5 star reviews? A company that is outspoken about human rights and requires their clientele to be nice and anyone who is sexist, racist or queerphobic is asked to please exit the building. A company that believes in honesty, has a caring team and values your experiences above all.

The Pink Iceland team outside the Pink Iceland office in Reykjavik

The Northern Lights

A natural phenomenon add-on to an already amazing experience?! Yes please! The Northern Lights can light up the Icelandic sky, bringing excitement and adventure into long dark nights of our winter. Think we’re sick of them already or don’t appreciate them? Wrong, we love and adore them and it brings us a ton of joy if our guests get to experience them too. The official Northern lights season is said to be from September through March but they have known to be seen both earlier and later. Winter Solstice, December 21st is the darkest day of the year, the length of the day is about 4 hours and it being dark is of course one of the condition for being able to see the Northern Lights.

We wish we could place an order for the Northern Lights, just enter a time and date and then walk out into the darkness at that said time with a hot cup of cocoa and voila there they are. What we can promise is that we will stay alert, we will follow the forecasts, we’ll talk to other guides around to see if they have had luck haunting for the Aurora Borealis and last but not least we will make sure your Iceland Wedding photographer is skilled in photographing the Northern lights.

True magic captured by Iceland Wedding photographer Kristin Maria
Hannes, T&E's Pink Iceland Wedding planner assisting with the photoshoot.

Throw a more environmentally friendly wedding

Pink Iceland is an eco-conscious company and we strive to not only carbon neutral our guests' travels & weddings, we are on the positive side, exceeding the need when planting trees.

We would like to stress that we don't believe in 'greenwashing' ourselves out of this problem by simply buying some trees. We really work hard to reduce our footprint to make sure that despite our growth as a company our carbon footprint decreases year on year. We choose our partners, your wedding vendors, based on their environmental policies, e.g. which bus company has the most eco-friendly buses, if drivers have been trained in eco-driving, does the hotel you book at recycle, etc.

Read more about Pink Iceland’s environmental policy.

The Icelandic Goat

Bet you thought we were going to mention the Icelandic horse, well the Icelandic goat is actually pretty awesome too! Different from Icelandic sheep who tend to sprint off at the sight of us humans the Icelandic goat allows you to get up close and personal. The goat would better be described as dogs considering how friendly and approachable they are. Háafell, this amazing goat farm in West Iceland, has welcomed many of our travel groups and wedding couples and made the introduction to the goat. It’s the cutest destination ever, a place to host your wedding picnic and even your Iceland wedding ceremony.

No open container law

Yes, it’s legal for you to enjoy & sit back toasting some bubbles while your Pink Iceland Wedding planner & Iceland Wedding photographer drive you around the breathtaking Icelandic landscapes for some pretty epic wedding photos. Don’t worry they will also have snacks in the car and make sure you don’t hit that bottle too hard, you do have to be able to jump on a rock or two and look fierce doing it.

Cheers to the newlyeds! A&E just married about to drive around Thingvellir national park with their Pink Iceland Wedding planner & Kristopher Orr, their Iceland Wedding photographer

The Pink Iceland team looks forward to bring you our next set of Reasons to get married in Iceland, hope you enjoyed the read and please if you have any questions about getting married in Iceland don't hesitate to get in touch - our email is pinkiceland (@) and we have dates available through 2020.


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