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Amazing South Coast Wedding!

Thank you beautiful B&M for perfectly summarising your Pink Iceland wedding experience!

Photos by the brilliant Iceland Wedding photographer Kristín María.

Sometimes we have difficulty putting into words what our services are like, what we do, how the feel of everything is and why some parts of our services like wedding planner on day are so valuable. B&M traveled with their closest friends & family to Iceland to get married on Iceland's South Shore. We had the honour of planning it with them, from A-Z thinking of every aspect of the trip as a whole as well as the wedding day. We had the best time with this beautiful couple and their guests and we are so happy that they took the time to write a wedding review on TripAdvisor about our services!!

'Even before we got engaged, my now husband and I knew we wanted a small wedding. When we asked each other where we might want to go, we immediately agreed on Iceland. After getting engaged, we started looking into planning and coordinating getting our families together and was quickly overwhelmed. This is where Pink Iceland came in.

Birna was our planner throughout our wedding planning process. She was a wealth of information and planned/booked everything: accommodation (for us and our families), tours, lunches, bus transfers, photographer, hair & makeup, flowers, wedding (and rehearsal) dinners, etc. She kept track of our budget and was thorough and organized. We were able to talk over Skype and email with any concerns or questions we had and the response time was always quick. She also gave us recommendations for our honeymoon, including restaurants, hotels, and places to see that might be less traveled. All of her recommendations exceeded our expectations.

Unfortunately, we were unable to meet Birna as she had a business trip to attend, but she left us with co-owner Hannes, who was equally amazing. We were able to meet with Hannes when we arrived in Iceland and immediately felt confident and at ease with how the weekend would go. We spent an entire weekend with our family with tours, dinner, sightseeing, which ended up being a perfect weekend.

We left Friday with Guðni, our wonderful tour guide. He was so knowledgeable and personable with a great sense of humor. He was delightful to be around. Our families still talk about how much of a joy it was to spend the weekend with him!

On Saturday, the day of our wedding, Hair & Makeup artist Silla came and did such a beautiful job. We had our ceremony at our backup location, a small church, followed by a champagne toast. Our photographer, Kristin Maria, took some family pictures before my husband and I went with her and Hannes for a full day of photos. Kristin is truly an artist and has such a great eye for setting up shots! She was somehow able to make us look great even though we're normally not that photogenic! While my husband and I took photos, our family went on a tour with Guðni. After a busy day of photographs and tours, we had an amazing dinner at our hotel. The decorations were beautiful and they nailed our vision from the few pictures I sent in an email!

Overall, our wedding weekend was perfect and better than we could have imagined! I think another review stated that they felt more like friends than clients/customers, and that’s exactly how we felt. Pink Iceland clearly cares about the people they work with and they work hard to make sure expectations are exceeded!

Thank you so much to Birna, Hannes, Guðni, Kristin Maria and Silla for making sure our wedding was perfect!'


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