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Destination weddings in the era of Covid-19

Pink Iceland specialises in planning destination weddings in the vast and wild landscapes of Iceland. We saw our business all but disappear in March of 2020 as the world shut down in an effort to minimise the spread of the coronavirus. We asked our staff to stay home as much as they could and closed our office. Thankfully we’ve all remained healthy, as have most Icelanders despite never enduring lock-downs or curfews. We attribute this to the amazing work of health professionals who were allowed to dictate Iceland’s response to the pandemic with minimal political interference. As of writing (May 18th) only 6 confirmed cases of Covid-19 remain in the country and only 1 new case in the past 11 days.

Covid 19 destination wedding in Iceland

As a result of the success we’ve had in this fight Iceland is cautiously opening up to tourism again. Under the current proposal, travellers arriving at Keflavik International Airport on or after June 15th will have three options: be screened for COVID-19, present a health certificate confirming they have tested negative for the virus or be quarantined for two weeks. Those who opt to be screened will receive results on the same day and will be required to download the Icelandic COVID-19 tracking app.

Best place to have a destination wedding in covid 19 iceland

But what does this mean for destination weddings in Iceland?

Iceland, with its low infection rate, vast open spaces and low population density make it perhaps the most appealing country in the world to elope to at the moment. We’ve already been approached by couples whose weddings have been cancelled due to the virus. Couples who want to escape the hassle of re-planning their wedding instead opt to celebrate their nuptials in Iceland with a small group of friends and family.

Covid 19 coronavirus destination wedding iceland

Pink Iceland is uniquely situated to help with 6 full-time wedding planners standing by, wanting nothing more than to help plan celebrations of love and life in these trying times. For the past 9 years we’ve specialised in creating unforgettable experiences for a total of around 600 couples. We’ve planned weddings on glaciers, in front of waterfalls, and sometimes behind them, we’ve planned weddings at sea, and by it, on mountains, in ice-caves and lava caves. We’ve planned weddings on black beaches, fields of flowers and cute little country churches. We know every crook and nanny of the country and how to make a couple feel like they’re the only people in the world on their wedding day.

So, to any couples out there, thinking of eloping. We’re here for you. We can’t wait to safely plan what will be the wedding of your dreams.

xoxo the Pink Iceland team

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