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Happy 8 years to Pink Iceland

Updated: May 5, 2020

8 YEARS ago Pink Iceland came to be. We had a different logo back then and we even toyed with a different name but the same passion was there and still remains: queer and straight from the heart.

Pink Iceland was founded by Eva María and Birna who shortly thereafter asked one of their friends, Hannes (a.k.a. Sasi) to join the company. It was just the three of them for the first years in a tiny room they rented at the local LGBT Center as they tried to grow and establish their tiny start-up as the first and foremost Queer travel, event and wedding planner in Iceland.

Now, having succeeded in their mission Pink Iceland employs seven full time members of staff as well as a few freelance tour guides at any given time. Many things have changed since those first years, not least the clientele which now sees many straight allies of the LGBTQI+ community seeking Pink Iceland's help with planning their nuptials and/or travels in Iceland. This despite having never lost their queer focus. As Eva (Pink Mama) puts it: "We are proud of who we are and the community we serve. If anyone has a problem with that, we wouldn't really want to work with them anyway so, if anything, our branding and values must be defiantly queer so we can stay appealing to the open minded and loving people we get to meet every day."

We have grown immensely both in numbers and within. The challenges we've had to face have made us stronger and so. much. wiser! Others, thinking back on them, just make us laugh and yet others make us tear up. Above all we are grateful for each and every one as without them we wouldn’t be who we are today. All of this wouldn't have happened without our amazing and colourful guests we are so grateful for and, of course, our amazing team. What is Pink Iceland if not the team behind the name? These individuals that have been our core team for all these years, WE LOVE YOU and appreciate everything you've done!

We're glad that when the bride broke a tooth on the morning of her wedding day Guðni was able to have it fixed, that Hannes mobilised a forklift to pry a runaway vail out of a tall tree, that Eva María is a brilliant public speaker, knows how to handle drama queens and make excellent espressos and that Birna was able to find an amazing alternate wedding venue at a moments notice because a certain Hollywood movie star highjacked her original pick! We are grateful that Árni was able to save a wedding cake that had been decorated wayyyyyyy over the top and reads a room like not other, that Kristín María is a magician behind the camera and an over-sharer behind the wheel making every road trip more interesting! We love that Hafsteinn can not only organise awesome group tours but also sings his way into our guests’ hearts, that Haffi has the most beautiful and positive vibe ever and wont hesitate to carry brides over a river if needed (we have photos), and that Sigga is able to pull anything off, like when she searched the world for a specialised body artist to come to Iceland and add magic to an amazing wedding. We are grateful that Kristín Rós is such good guide that we've heard our guests describe their days with her as ‘life changing’ and that Sigrún has an answer to everything and that her emotional intelligence and kindness knows no boundaries! We are grateful for everyone who’s ever worked for us and made us proud by displaying Pink Iceland hospitality, honesty, kindness, love and acceptance. Thank you for the last 8 years everyone!

Here's to many more!!

Pink Iceland Wedding Planner

- And since we've spoken so highly of the Pink Iceland, we're sure you'd want to see the faces behind the names!

Pink Iceland wedding planners at Budir wedding hotel

Pink Iceland Wedding Planner

Pink Iceland Wedding Planner

Iceland Wedding photographer Kristin Maria

Pink Iceland Wedding Planner

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