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Hjorleifshofdi Cave Wedding in Iceland

Updated: Sep 27, 2023

Hjörleifshöfði cave on one of the beautiful Black Beaches of South Iceland has been the locations of many gorgeous and unique Pink Iceland Weddings & Wedding photos. And we're excited to share the stories and photos with you. Maybe someday your wedding from this wonderful natural cave in Iceland will end up on our blog?

Hjorleifshofdi is very well located. Have you ever heard of the town of Vík? Legendary Black Beach Reynisfjara? Skógafoss and Seljalandsfoss waterfalls? When creating a wedding day itinerary around Hjorleifshofdi cave Pink Iceland makes sure to include those famous and impressive Iceland beauties. We would always suggest some of our favourite accommodations in the South for you and your Iceland wedding guests to spend the night so you are waking up in the area of your wedding location. After getting ready you don't have to drive too far and you have more time in your day for adventures. If you are looking for something more off the beaten track on your wedding day how about we hire you a super jeep? Cross some rivers, drive through the black sands and head inland? In our work as Iceland Wedding planners our motto is to only work with nice people, listen to our couples and do our absolute best to make their visions come true.

- Although - none of us are the boss, that's mother nature but she seems to be on our side.

This epic saga planned by Pink Iceland's Sigga had the couple walking down a candle lit aisle with romantic lighting above and even though it was raining outside they could stay nice and dry inside the cave. The Pink Iceland team began setup at the crack of dawn preparing the Arch of love, lighting with our technician, set up the food and drinks and welcomed the musicians that were sound checking for the first time in this cave.

Photos by MJ Studios

Norse Mythology elopement

Pagan weddings in Iceland are available to everyone whether or not you are a local or just visiting for your Iceland Wedding adventure. The Iceland Pagan religion was first introduced to Iceland with the settlers and has lived on through the years and even though those who are a part of the pagan association don't necessarily believe in the Norse gods it's about upholding this upholding this important tradition. M&C kept it simple, intimate and romantic as it was just them, their Wedding planner from Pink Iceland, photographer Julie Rowland and Haukur, their Nordic Chieftain. Whether there are a lot of decorations or just the cave as it is it's a perfect place for a wedding ceremony.

VINTAGE BUS WEDDING with romantic lighting

J&J rented a vintage bus for their wedding in Hjorleifshofdi and arrived along with their guest in vintage fashion. Their Norse mythology ceremony was beautiful. The cave was lit in a romantic fashion and afterwards they toasted in both bubbles and beer. Photos by Amy Zumwalt

Sweet and handsome Tom & George got married in Harpa Concert Hall in an intimate and tear evoking ceremony performed by Humanist Steinunn Anna. The dapper and stylish grooms then ventured to Iceland's South Shore for some epic wedding photos and stopped by Hjorleifshofdi cave. Photos by Alex Hatfield

Gay wedding couple in Hjorleifshofdi cave in South Iceland
Black sand beach in front of Wedding cave Hjorleifshofdi in South Iceland

Gay wedding couple in Hjorleifshofdi cave in South Iceland
The lighting in this photo is everything and it's very clear why it's called the Yoda cave, the silhouette.

Sunrise & doughnuts

B&A had very early start to their wedding day. Their Hjorleifshofdi cave wedding ceremony was in the early AM and as guests arrived to the cave they were served coffee & doughnuts! How amazing? After the ceremony they had their first dance on the Black sand outside Hjorleifshofdi to music played on the violin. Photos by Julie Rowland.

Hjorleifshofdi cave wedding in Iceland
First dance outside Hjorleifshofdi cave after their wedding ceremony

Hjorleifshofdi cave wedding in iceland
Wonderful Humanist wedding ceremony in Hjorleifshofdi cave in South Iceland

B&M got married in Skogakirkja church, the colourful and beautiful church at Skogar museum and then spent their day on the South Shore with Kristín María, Iceland Wedding photographer and they indeed stopped by Hjorleifshofdi cave.

Wedding photos by Hjorleifshofdi Black beach

Hazel & Victor got married in the Yoda cave in a small intimate ceremony and their Pink Iceland Wedding planner Sigga had arranged for a nice sit down picnic after the ceremony inside the cave.

Iceland Wedding in Yoda cave

Iceland Wedding in Yoda cave

Iceland Wedding in Yoda cave

Iceland Wedding in Yoda cave

We always get excited when our couples are interested in getting to know Hjörleifshöfði better and are looking for locations for an Iceland Cave Wedding. Yes Hjorleifshofdi is on private land and Pink Iceland Wedding planning team is in great touch with the land owners. We are happy to plan your wedding inside this beautiful natural Icelandic Cave. Pink Iceland has planned both the simplest intimate elopement ceremonies in Hjorleifshofdi, amazing wedding photoshoots and special events with meals, lighting, seating and entertainers, you name it, we can do it.

We hope you enjoyed this trip down memory lane with us, we love that after 10 years of planning weddings in Iceland we still get so excited for each and everyone.

Always remember, this is your wedding day and Pink Iceland is here to support your decisions & wishes. We will be here to guide and advise you but what truly comes first for us is your experience of the day wherever you choose to get married and have wedding photos taken - in our opinion the whole entire island of Iceland is pretty epic.

The Pink Iceland team looks forward to hear from you


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