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How to Elope in Iceland

Planning an elopement or a wedding in a different country can be stressful and daunting but our aim, our passion, as Iceland wedding planners is to make it the opposite. We want you to sit back, relax, pop open a bottle of something bubbly and enjoy planning your elopement in Iceland to the fullest. After all, the longest part of the process of actually getting married is the planning leading up to your wedding day - so why not make it enjoyable?

So how do you elope in Iceland? Where do you begin?!

A very important PSA: Iceland is now open to ALL vaccinated visitors, so if you don’t have to adhere to lockdown restrictions in your country, are free to travel and have either had your vaccination or have proof of antibodies for Covid 19, now is the time to Elope to Iceland. Read more here on the Pink Iceland blog.

Let us be a little self assured and just assume that you are thinking about hiring Pink Iceland as your wedding planner and allow us to walk you through various aspects of the elopement planning process.

The decision to elope can be both freeing and difficult at the same time, you are making your dreams come true but maybe feeling a little guilty of not inviting your family and friends to join in. Our advice? Always remember that you are doing this for yourselves, this is your day and it’s about the love you share with your partner and how you want to celebrate it. Plus you will always be able to share a different celebration with your people at home and share your gorgeous Iceland Wedding photos!

Now that you have made the decision to elope, the choice is yours. You get to decide everything there is to decide about how to elope in Iceland and the best part is, as your planners we’re here to guide you every step of the way and answer all your questions.

We at Pink Iceland have been planning elopements and weddings in Iceland for the past 10 years and have developed a loving and personal connection with a lot of people in Iceland whether it be wedding photographers, hair and makeup artists, the staff and lawyers and the magistrate’s office, farmers, landowners, officiants… the list goes on. Our point being that during these 10 years we have handpicked our partners to make your Iceland elopement experience most enjoyable. Working on an elopement requires emotional intelligence, kindness, professionalism, joy and assertiveness when needed. During the process of planning your Iceland elopement we will give you access to our thoughtfully curated lists of Iceland wedding professionals who will all work together to make your wedding day amazing and awesome!

Wedding couple eloping in Iceland
Wouldn't you rather be doing this in the car driving from one breathtaking location to another rather than be behind the wheel? P.s. there are no open container law in Iceland so yes this is completely legal.

Iceland Wedding Paperwork

Let’s start with the least exciting stuff. The paperwork required for an elopement in Iceland.

Of course there is paperwork involved, you knew that but what you maybe didn’t know that it’s ‘no big deal’. Not to brag but we’ll make the process seamless, we have done this hundreds of times. We can advise what paperwork is needed, what is sufficient, if it’s outdated and you have to re-apply, what the documents are called in your country/state/county and even at what offices you can obtain them.

And would you rather never see the inside of the Iceland magistrate’s office & stand in line to drop off your respective Iceland Wedding paperwork? No problem cause that’s something we’ll do for you, we’ll drop it off and pick it up, and you don’t even have to be in the country while we take care of business.

We are happy to say that same sex marriages are legal in Iceland for people from anywhere in the world and no matter the gender all couples receive the same kind of marriage certificate from Iceland.

Iceland Wedding photoshoot
Iceland Wedding planner Haffi sprints towards the newlyweds with raincoats after a successful shot in Gljufrabui Waterfall

Where in Iceland do you want to get married?

Let’s move on to the location. Where do you want your Iceland wedding ceremony to take place? Do you know which part of Iceland? Or maybe you just have a vision of what you want your wedding photos to look like? Don’t worry as we have an extensive list of locations around Iceland that we’ll share with you, you’ll pick your favourites and we can talk about them & show you examples of what we have done in the same area.

We will then help you carefully craft a wedding day itinerary that will include a more secluded or private ceremony location followed by the photo stops of your dreams. It’s important to have that local perspective and information handy when choosing a location, to know which locations are located within National Parks and require government issued permits. Which are on a private land and need the authorisation of the farmer two doors down. When are the biggest tour busses scheduled to arrive at the most popular places.

Working with Pink Iceland you don’t have to worry about any of this, we got you covered.

But what if it rains? Well if it drizzles we’re fine, that just adds to the romance and mystique but if it’s raining sideways, that will require quick thinking and change of plans. We’ll follow news of the weather, seek out and contact our indoor options in the area of the wedding ceremony or even call the entire team of wedding vendors and tell them that we’re moving the ceremony to a whole different part of the country. It’s easy!

Iceland Wedding photo at Waterfall
Our recommendations would always be to do chase those waterfalls, look how it can turn out! Especially if your wedding planner is waiting for you with a fresh towel and a glass of bubbles at the end of it.

Iceland Wedding officiants

The officiant is a big part of the ceremony and we will help you figure out what officiant is the right one for you. There are many things to consider, the first one could be what type of officiant you will choose.

It's worth mentioning that all of the officiants that work with Pink Iceland share our values of not being and not wanting to work with people that are queer-phobic, sexist or racist, simple as that.

So what types of wedding officiants are there in Iceland?

  • A Humanist wedding ceremony, a worldly wedding for all couples who adopt secular go humanistic philosophies or will not for some reason want to have a religious ceremony. The ceremonies have an atmosphere of dignity, joy and personal experience. They include ethical message with values that all humans share.

Iceland Elopement with a Humanist Wedding ceremony
Personal, loving and humorous Humanist Wedding ceremony
  • A wedding with a Nordic Chieftain according to heathen customs: It is based on tolerance, honesty, honour and respect for the ancient cultural heritage and nature.

Nordic chieftain wedding ceremony in Iceland
Nordic chieftain with the gorgeous brides
  • A wedding with an Icelandic priest based on religious values. Pink Iceland has over the years gotten to know some pretty amazing ministers and they are, like our other officiants, very LGBTQ friendly, open minded and great people. We feel a special need to state this as many of our same sex couples have not had a great or understanding attitude from their own churches so we want everyone to know that our priests welcome them and their relationship.

Iceland wedding ceremony with minister
Bryndis minister always smiles this big. It's one of the reasons we love her.

When we’ve had the discussion, gone over the different types and you’ve described to us what you have in mind we will match you with one of the amazing officiant that work with Pink Iceland, connect you with them when the time comes to discuss the ceremony itself but we will continue handling all the logistical communication, time, place, changes etc.

Once the wedding officiant has been chosen you can start thinking about what you would like to incorporate into your Iceland Wedding ceremony, your personal vows, your first dance, handfasting, a musician playing your song? Remember you are already doing something out of the box so why should your ceremony be super traditional? Make it your own.

Now we’ve talked about Paperwork, location and the officiant, what about everything else realted to your Iceland Elopement?

As we mentioned Pink Iceland has been planning weddings in Iceland for a decade now and we have picked our partners carefully to make your Iceland elopement experience the best. Our photographers know the country, they are prepared for any weather, conditions and know where to go for the best angles and at what time. Our florist is a magician, she has true flower power and whatever creation comes from her, whether it’s a single small boutonniere or a fully decorated 100 people reception hall you can just feel the love she poured into her work. Our hair and makeup artists will travel anywhere, wake up and any hour and will make you feel comfortable during your pamper time. Our musicians are open minded and will try their best to learn and play whatever song you would like for your wedding.

We as the wedding planners consider ourselves as the matriarch of your Iceland elopement… bringing all the elements of your elopement together. We are your one and only point of communication as you relay your wishes and wants to us and we then contact everyone involved, keeping counts of emails, logistics and communication. Then it all comes together beautifully, just the way you wanted it.

Pink Iceland Wedding planner Haffi
Pink Iceland Wedding planner Haffi to the rescue.

Iceland Wedding planner reviews

Although we are very confident in our wedding planning ability we would never ask you to take just our word for all the amazing things we have to say about ourselves so we’ve picked a few wedding planner reviews from Pink Iceland’s TripAdvisor page to pass the mic on to our amazing couples:

‘We hired Pink Iceland mainly to walk us through the paperwork and the necessary procedures regarding our marriage plan in Iceland. As the process progressed, we realized how lucky we were to actually have them beside us, and as many questions arose and we became stressed, they were there to calm us down, to guide us and answer every question quickly and elaborately. There was nothing they weren't prepared for. Sigga was there for every question we had, with the utmost patience and kindness, made sure we had everything in order and helped us arrive there stress-free and secure. Needless to say everything went just as planned. Thank you so much.’

‘When my now husband and I started seriously considering eloping in Iceland, we reached out to a couple of different wedding planning companies. Pink Iceland immediately stood out based on their warm, welcoming tone and the scope and depth of information we were provided with from the get go, including a detailed breakdown of services, the planning process and sample budgets (not to mention the immense “value for money” we felt Pink Iceland provided relative to other vendors).’

Iceland wedding photo in Reynisfjara
Sure the photo is a little blurry but it's just EVERYTHING. You didn't think these veils just catch all that magical wind on their own? Pink Iceland Wedding planner Arni going the extra mile making magic happen.

‘My now-husband and I had our hearts set on eloping in one of our dream travel destinations — southern Iceland. Unfortunately, we had no idea where to begin, and we felt discouraged while trying to make arrangements on our own. After finding Pink Iceland, reading the rave reviews, and seeing the beautiful photos on their site/Instagram, I was set on booking them for our wedding. We were still quite apprehensive about working with a foreign company to arrange such an important experience/investment, but our worries were squashed the first time we participated in a video chat with Pink Iceland.’

‘We used Pink Iceland to organize our elopement this summer and we could not have made a better choice. The team is very professional, the organisation was smooth and stressless, the location was ideal, the pictures are amazing. We had such an amazing time. 1000 thank yous!’

‘It wasn’t long after my wife and I got engaged that we decided we were going to elope to Iceland. Unsure of where to begin, we decided to reach out to Pink Iceland to help us plan our dream wedding. We were paired with the most amazing wedding planner, shout out to Haffi! Haffi made the whole process stress free. Haffi literally did everything, all we had to do was share pictures in our googledoc of what we imagined and he made it happen. He and the Pink team found everything we wanted, from our flowers and cake, to makeup and hair, the best officiant, photographer, and videographer. We’ve received many compliments from family and friends on how beautiful everything was. We’ve heard so many couples say how they wish their day was more about them and that’s exactly what Pink Iceland made sure of. From the moment our day started, we were catered to and treated with so much love and kindness. We had the pleasure of our wonderful wedding planner driving us to each location, and after each one, he was always waiting with jackets to keep us warm and beverages to keep us hydrated ;) If you are thinking about eloping or getting married in Iceland, please reach out to the Pink Iceland team- you will not be disappointed.’

‘My partner and I decided to elope last December. We weren't sure about reaching out to a wedding planner in the first place but looking back, we're so glad that we did. Everyone in Pink Iceland is so nice, but we had the pleasure to deal with Sara in particular for our big day. Sara is wonderful, kind and goes above and beyond. We're very lucky and grateful to have had her on our side. The day turned out to be perfect, stress-free and simply beautiful’

Pink Iceland Wedding planner Sara pours the bubbles and carries the baby while the newlyweds are off taking photos.
Pink Iceland Wedding planner Sara pours the bubbles and carries the baby while the newlyweds are off taking photos.

‘My partner and I chose to elope to Iceland in December, and contacted Pink Iceland to help us plan it. We couldn't be happier with our decision. From the first email through every step of the planning process, Sara was on top of every detail. She was an absolute delight to work with, and thought of everything. Even when our baggage got lost, she was able to help us find emergency things to make sure our day went off without a hitch. From helping me find a hair and MUA, to helping us navigate paperwork, to booking our officiant, to finding me the most perfect flowers, she was a joy to spend our special day with. I cannot recommend Sara and PinkIceland enough. <3’

‘We had Pink Iceland help plan our wedding and honeymoon and they were nothing short of amazing.They made the planning of our wedding completely stress free, provided invaluable advice and we could not have done it without them. I was initially worried that it would be difficult to plan a wedding abroad, and it was simple and stress free. You were quick to respond to our NUMEROUS communications. You made planning simple.We explained what we wanted, and they helped us find locations and people that suited our wishes and complimented us as a couple.’

Iceland wedding planner and bride
That feeling at the end of a perfect wedding day! Pink Iceland Wedding planner Birna & Grace hug it out! Gratitude and happiness.

‘...Pink Iceland provided an incredible wedding day, and made the preparations stress free. From our first conversation with our planner, Sigga, we knew we had found the right people to handle this special day. They provided an experience that exceeded our expectations while staying well within our budget.’

‘Their organization and attention to detail is second to none. Planning a wedding in another country seems daunting, but with Pink Iceland's guidance, we were able to plan a wedding day that was perfect for us. Sigga had recommendations for local resources on everything from locations, restaurants, places to stay, music, flowers - everything we could have needed, but with the complete freedom to select only the things we wanted.’

If you want to spend your day reading more uplifting Iceland Wedding planner reviews here’s a link to our TripAdvisor page and our photos on our website and social media are a constant source of inspiration for couples looking for elopement ideas.

We truly look forward to hearing from you and we’d love to help you plan your elopement in Iceland.


Pink Iceland team


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