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The Detox Mural

Updated: May 5, 2020

Now more than ever we're all about reminiscing in the amazing memories we've created together with our guests and friends from all over the world. There are many people near and dear to our hearts and one of them is the incredibly fierce and fabulous DETOX from RuPaul's Drag Race who is OFFICIALLY the Patron Saint of Pink Iceland

We've had the absolute pleasure of hosting Detox in Iceland a couple of times, she's performed both at Reykjavik Pride and Winter Pride and then there have been the unforgettable moments together partying it up with Björk and hot tub chilling in the snow.

When it was time for Detox to return to Iceland for Rainbow Reykjavik Winter Pride we surprised our girl with a beautiful mural of her gorgeous face!

Watch as our friend Örn Tönsberg brilliantly creates the Detox mural at the back of the Pink Iceland office:

REVEAL!! We tried to be sneaky documenting the reaction to the reveal - didn't quite work but we still caught it and it's adorable!

If you want to see it it’s just at the back of the Pink Iceland office, it's even on Google Maps by now as one of Reykjavik's super cool street art.

The Detox Mural in Reykjavik at the Pink Iceland office

We just love it when we're sitting in the office working away and then we hear someone outside 'omg there it is, there's Detox' and then they spend some time taking pictures.

The Pink team, Smurf dog and Detox posing with the mural.

The Detox Mural in Reykjavik outside the Pink Iceland office

Thank you for being a friend dearest Detox, we can't wait for you to return to Iceland!


With all the love

Pink Iceland team


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