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He said YES!

All I wanted was a nice vacation and now I'm engaged on a volcanic island to a bear!

Iceland bear engagement

It was all a lie! We weren’t headed on any photography tour, the lovely Irish Julie Rowland sitting in the front seat wasn’t just another tourist with a camera eager to see waterfalls. She’s one of Iceland’s most talented photographers and she was there to capture the moment when Alfons would go down on one knee and ask Robbie to spend his life with him.

Spoiler alert: HE SAID YES!

Early morning the car pulls up in front of Alfons and Robbie’s hotel in Reykjavik, Pink Iceland guide Hafsteinn welcomes them on board and the group starts chatting away headed to the South Shore. This had all been planned months in advance by Alfons, he got in touch with Pink Iceland to plan an epic proposal.

The waterfall Alfons chose is tucked away in a canyon on the South Coast and it’s a magical feeling seeing it appear after the short hike. We had figured out a signal when everyone knew it was time for the proposal so Julie was ready!

A truly emotional moment that was felt amongst everyone when Robbie said yes. Tears of joy, happiness, hugs & kisses!

Hafsteinn prepared a delicious Icelandic style picnic for the grooms to be to celebrate and then the day was spent on the South Shore for probably the most fabulous engagement shoot the South of Iceland has ever seen!

We’re so happy to be sharing their Iceland engagement story.

Take it away Julie Rowland:

Getting engaged in Iceland

Iceland engagement photography

Iceland bear proposal

Popping the question in Iceland

Getting engaged in Iceland

Reykjavik bear engagement

Gay proposal in Iceland

Oh it's real, all real diamonds!

Gay engagement in Iceland

Bear engagement in Iceland

We absolutely love this!

Bear proposal in Iceland

He said yes, bear proposal in Iceland

Engagement picnic in Iceland

The cake in the photo is called hjónabandssæla - direct translation to English is happy marriage cake, we thought it was fitting for their engagement picnic.

Propose in Iceland

Getting engaged in Iceland

Iceland gay proposal

Visit to Skógar museum

Iceland gay engagement photos

Iceland engagement photographer

Getting engaged in Iceland

Reynisfjara Black Beach realness

Best proposal spots in Iceland

Gay bear proposal in Iceland

Iceland engagement photographer

Living on opposite sides of the world the couple was united ‘in the middle’ in their visit to Iceland and this vacation was about to become the most special one of their relationship, of course the Pink Iceland team is keeping their fingers crossed hoping that the fabulous couples chooses Iceland as their wedding destination.

*hint hint*

Fabulous bear couple iceland

We wish these wonderful humans all the love and happiness! Thank you for entrusting Pink Iceland with your Iceland engagement! It was an honour and a pleasure!


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