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Iceland (cautiously) opens up for tourists

Updated: May 29, 2020

Hello travelers! Are you ready to exchange the walls of your home for Iceland's vast wilderness, world class hotels and incredible cuisine. Now you can. Iceland is cautiously opening up to tourism after an impressive and very successful fight against the coronavirus. As of writing (May 26th) only 3 confirmed cases of Covid-19 remain in Iceland and nobody is in the hospital.

Under the current proposal, travellers arriving at Keflavik International Airport on or after June 15th will have three options: be screened for COVID-19, present a health certificate confirming they have tested negative for the virus or be quarantined for two weeks. Those who opt to be screened will receive results on the same day and will be required to download the Icelandic COVID-19 tracking app.

Health and safety measures

The public is still asked to honour social distancing as a general rule, and to be extra respectful of those who wish to keep their distance. Pink Iceland will of course adhere to the rule and, as it happens, private and/or small group tours is what we do the best! We can’t wait to welcome couples, friends and smaller groups of family/friends and promise to do our best to keep you safe on your travels in Iceland.


Iceland’s vast wilderness, low population density and world class facilities make it one of the most appealing places in the world to visit right now. And with the last months being very quiet on the tourist front, most of our tour and hotel partners are offering some amazing prices! The exchange rate is also very much in your favor giving you some extra bang for your buck. We have already started planning some amazing, tailor made itineraries and private tours for returning clients who can’t wait to come back.

Private tours and tailor made itineraries

We always recommend taking one of Pink Iceland’s single or multi day tours! This way you are able to sit back with a glass of bubbly, beer or soda in the back while your personal guide and chauffeur shows you everything the area has to offer sprinkled with local knowledge you wouldn’t get in a self-guided tour.

Pink Iceland offers a range of exciting travel options from single day tours out of Reykjavik to 10 day guided tours that take you around the entire country, enjoying some great rest days in between to enjoy the small quaint towns of Iceland and do some local hiking or exploring.

Click here see a sample itinerary of a 5 day guided tour.

VIP tours in Iceland

We look forward to hear from you and have you travel with us in Iceland!

Xoxo Pink Iceland team

Pink Iceland LGBT travel company in Iceland


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