Destination Wedding at the Dentist?

When you imagine your Iceland wedding day a stop at the dentist doesn't even cross your mind does it??? You think of beautiful cascading waterfalls, dramatic black sand beaches and glacier views and believe you us, that is truly the case.. this couple just had to take a little detour!

Wedding photos capture by Arctic Weddings

Iceland Wedding planner: Pink Iceland

When you imagine getting special attention on your wedding day this isn't exactly what you have in mind!

Meeting the unexpected with humour and positivity, especially when it is happening on your wedding day, in Iceland, and the thing is that you broke your veneer was a little challenging but exactly what Maddie & Matt did on their wedding day!!

The Pink Iceland team is so thankful for all the memories created along the years in our Pink Iceland weddings and this is definitely one of them. We'll hand the mic over to the bride herself in a minute to tell you about it but first we want to say how thankful we are to be wedding planners in Iceland. We are able to react this way and problem solve because of our fellow Icelanders and their kind and helpful spirit, living in a small society where 'everyone knows everyone' made it possible to fix the broken tooth on Maddie & Matt's wedding day!

Take it away Maddie:

Super fun fact: My front veneer 🦷 broke about 20 minutes after we said our vows. We had an entire day left to take our wedding photos at a few of the spectacular locations Iceland has to offer.... not to mention an entire two week honeymoon in Croatia to follow.

Needless to say I was panicked that I would be toothless the entire time. Then an Icelandic miracle happened✨ Our Pink Iceland planner for the day had a family member... who had a friend... whose son was a dentist in this tiny tiny village we were near. To this day I don’t know the dentist name, but wherever you are I hope you know you are my lifesaver. I am forever grateful to you. I fell even more love with my brand new husband in that moment. He told me how beautiful I looked, even with a broken tooth and quickly supplied me with a generous pour of tequila. Happy anniversary to the love of my life! Thank you for loving me even when I’m toothless.

Can the caption to this photo be anything else than: 'Breathe in, breathe out'?
Assessing the situation, making sure the newlyweds are at ease and everything will be alright.
In sickness and in health was tried pretty quickly into Matt & Maddie's marriage.
Fast friends after a unique experience for all parties.
We've never seen someone looking so lovingly at their dentist, talk about saving the day!

After the visit and the shot of tequila the couple went on with their Iceland Wedding day and you can see from the wedding photos what a wonderful day it was! They got married at a Private Waterfall in South Iceland and traveled on the South Coast for some epic Iceland Wedding photos!

Here comes the bride, with all her teeth in place!
We love this angle of the majestic Skogafoss waterfall
Pretty brave venturing so close to the waterfall, it's not dangerous.. you'll just get soaked!

Reynisfjara Black sand beach is one of our favourite places in Iceland for wedding photos, such diversity in the landscapes there, everywhere you turn it's gorgeous and the wedding guests have a great time visiting and walking around while the newlyweds take their photos.

Admittedly it's a rough terrain when wearing wedding shoes but that's where the help of the family can come in handy!

Maddie & Matt stopped with Arctic Weddings & their Pink Iceland planner at Dyrholaey peninsula, we love the dramatic cliffs and glacier views.

We just had to save the best for last, the gratitude and affection added on to an already emotion filled day is captured so beautifully in this photo!

All is well that ends well, thank you Maddie & Matt for sharing your story

Iceland is an amazing place for a destination wedding! We've got your back whatever happens, surely the Pink Iceland team will know someone, who knows someone who can take care of it!

Thank you Matt & Maddie for entrusting Pink Iceland to be your Iceland Wedding planner!


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