Umi Hotel Wedding

Asked what she remembered most from K&N's Iceland Wedding day, Kristín María their photographer answered: Their warmth, how much in love with each other they were, the amazing weather and the Northern Lights!

If you've ever asked an Icelander how the weather is you've probably heard us sigh and explain that it is an impossible question to answer as it is unpredictable and ever changing, that's why it's always such a pleasant surprise to get a day like they had. This is the beautiful story of K&N's wedding day in South Iceland.

The preparations started in the morning at Umi Hotel, HMU artist Nína made K's vision of her wedding day look come to life and the the groom also got some styling from his friends.

The gorgeous wedding florals by our brilliant florist Þórdís. It's such a pleasure presenting the bouquets and boutonnieres created by her, always brings joy.

During the wedding planning process K&N visited Iceland to do some exciting location scouting, Pink Iceland helped form a plan of places to visit and the couple fell in love with Umi Hotel and then chose their ceremony location. The ceremony was held in a beautiful field close to the hotel, the guests didn't need to drive just took a stroll from the hotel to the wedding ceremony location. Surrounded by mountains, glacier views & river it was magical. Pink Iceland set up chairs, sound system & the bubbly picnic.

Umi hotel surrounded by the mountain range.

The Pink Iceland Wedding planners were ready to drive the bride as close to the ceremony as possible.

The guests and groom waited patiently for her to arrive.

When he saw his bride walking towards the ceremony and down the aisle he could not hold back the happy tears and his rush of emotions was felt by the guests who also burst into a flood of happy tears.

The ceremony was touching and heartfelt, Kristín María remembered being swept away feeling like a part of the guest group. The ceremony was performed by Bæring from Siðmennt.

Bubbly picnic after the ceremony

Selection of delicious Icelandic beer and Prosecco to toast to the newlyweds after the ceremony along with local strawberries and the Icelandic twisted doughnut: Kleina.

Cheers to the Newlyweds and their wonderful guests!

Next up were more adventures as now it was time to take wedding photos on the South Shore with Iceland Wedding photographer Kristin Maria and her second shooter Julie Rowland. If you've ever been to or looked at photos of South Iceland you know how absolutely stunning it is and the places of interest are NOT few and far between - just under a 15 minutes drive from Umi hotel is Skógafoss waterfall.

No matter the weather Skógafoss waterfall doesn't disappoint, it's tall, majestic and has a power to it.

How gorgeous are these photos?

Getting up close and personal to the waterfall does mean that you will catch some, or a lot, of the spray. Is it worth it? Without a doubt!

Next stop after Skógafoss waterfall was Reynisfjara Black beach a classic and epic stop on the South Shore.

The basalt columns in Reynisfjara are probably some of the most photographed rock formations in the world, you can see why:

Behind this magical veil moment is Pink Iceland's wedding planner Haffi.

Haffi was their Wedding planner on day. This is a Pink Iceland service we love to offer but probably the most hard to explain. Who is this wedding planner and what will they do. You may have seen Haffi throughout this blog, K&N's wedding planner, someone who planned out the entire adventure with them and then was present on the day to make sure all the partners and vendors were in the right place at the right time, guests got to the ceremony on time, set up for the ceremony, pour the bubbly, fluffed the veil... the list goes on and on :)

Next up: Dyrhólaey peninsula is a magical place in South Iceland, it's a place that many of our photographers name as their favourite.

Getting into position might be a little tricky with the heights and winds blowing in your veil. Haffi mentioned that K was such a trooper handling her veil, the wind was blowing it every other way.

Pink Wedding planner Haffi there to assist with the wedding photos.

Iceland Wedding reception at Umi hotel. Umi was an amazing host for this destination wedding, it was Pink Iceland's first time working with them and we can't wait to be back. Þórdís made sure the reception room was decorated and did a beautiful job as always.

Sun setting over South Iceland, a glorious wedding day coming to an end.

After a wonderful wedding dinner, heartfelt speeches & cutting of the cake it was time for the first dances. Of course they were all beautiful and amazing but our favourite detail is that the bride and her father danced to the Jurassic park theme song, chills!

The Newlyweds must have made some arrangements with mother nature as on top of their beautiful wedding day they saw the Northern Lights.

A bartender at Umi hotel entered the reception hall and announced that there were Northern Lights if the guests wanted to go and see them, they did not have to ask twice as everyone rushed out to gaze at the sky. The screams and excitement must have been heard through the land. Most excited was probably Kristín María as getting a wedding photo under the Northern Lights is the ultimate nature goal - and this is the first time we have gotten one with both SUNSET and NORTHERN LIGHTS!

Thank you to Katrina & Nick, it was Pink Iceland's pleasure to be your Iceland Wedding planners, true joy :)



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