Iceland Glacier Wedding

Updated: May 29, 2020

Want to know more about Chris & Aubrey's Glacier Wedding Adventure? Keep reading cause it gets real good!

Thank you to Styrmir & Heiðdís for the amazing Iceland Wedding photos & to Into the Glacier for being our trusted partners in this adventure and of course our deepest gratitude to Chris & Aubrey for trusting us to be their Iceland Wedding Planners.

The couple stayed at the Reykjavík Residence Suites right in the city centre of Reykjavik. Fun fact, it's in the same street as the Pink Iceland office, what's better than when your Iceland Wedding Planner is your neighbour during your stay in Iceland?

The shortest day of the year is December 21st. Aubrey & Chris got married December 14th, the sun was coming up around 11:15am and went down around 3:30pm. The group drove out of Reykjavik, on to Húsafell and boarded the super truck who took them to the glacier in the darkness.

As daylight was sparse this time of the year Aubrey had her hair & make up done at 4am and we drove out  of Reykjavik before 07:00 for a 9am departure from Húsafell base camp.

For an adventure!! Not your typical wedding ride is it??

Sara, Wedding planner with Pink Iceland had the pleasure of planning A&C's Iceland wedding and spending their wedding day with them. The day was notoriously cold so to warm up the guests on the way to the glacier Sara was handing out shots of the infamous Brennivín. Cheers!

Brennivín, also sometimes dubbed Black death! We actually kinda like the taste!

It was surreal driving in the monster truck up the Glacier at dawn, catching the pastel colours of the first light of the day, before sunrise.

Sun rising over Langjokull Glacier

Bride and Groom puffy jacket wedding outfits by Pink Iceland & 66°North

Destination: Into the Glacier

All guests that go Into the Glacier receive crampons to better walk on the ice and assistance from the wonderful staff. The walk to the glacier chapel is quite cool as you walk along the ice tunnel.

The glacier wedding ceremony was performed by the wonderful Haukur who is a Nordic chieftain. As you can see from the photos the ceremony was funny and heartfelt and the couple prepared their own vows for each other. Guests sat on the chapel benches during the ceremony and got to sip out of the ceremonial horn and share nice words and thoughts with the happy couple.

Nordic chieftain ceremony inside a Glacier

The zero degrees (32° F) inside the glacier felt warm compared to outside.

Just married!

Iceland Wedding photos from Inside a Glacier? Yes please!!

Iceland Wedding photos Into the Glacier

On top of Langjökull Glacier temperature got down to a bone chilling -26 °C / -14,8 °F

We walked out into the sunrise - amazing - moon and pink and blue colours and a spectacular view, we felt like we were on a different planet

Gorgeous Iceland Wedding photos in the freezing cold, pit stop on the side of the road.

Chris and Aubrey were hero’s enduring the freezing temperatures for their photoshoot. When we did a bubbly toast by Hraunfossar Waterfalls, the Prosecco turned to prosecco slushies right before our eyes and the strawberries froze through.

Iceland Winter Wedding prosecco picnic by Hraunfossar
Sara makes sure the groom is well covered in a blanket while sipping his prosecco
Prosecco Slushy Wedding toast, Iceland Winter Wedding.

We had to make the most of our time in daylight with the photographers, so we were lucky enough to catch the glorious sunset down by Borgarnes Old Harbour, overlooking the frozen fjord.

Wedding reception was in the cozy wonderful Englendingavík in Borgarnes.

Thank you for reading and thank you again A&C for choosing Pink Iceland as your wedding planner, it was amazing to be a part of your adventure.



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