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Iceland Honeymoon Ideas

Updated: May 5, 2020

Honeymoon in Iceland? Yes, that's the best idea ever!

Iceland Honeymoon ideas by Pink Iceland

One of the great things about getting married in Iceland is that you are already in the perfect place to start your honeymoon. In our opinion it's the most beautiful place ever and the possibilities for adventure, relaxation, pampering and action are endless. As Pink Iceland is also a licensed tour operator and travel agency we not only plan your Iceland wedding from A-Z we can also help you put together the perfect Iceland honeymoon tailored to your wishes. We want to share with you a couple of ideas based on what our couples have done and loved!

Iceland Honeymoon ideas by Pink Iceland

We usually recommend that you spend one or two days settling in and getting over the jet lag before you get married and then spend maybe 4-7 days in Iceland after your wedding ceremony exploring and enjoying Iceland.

Our fantastic tour team led by Ziggy can assist you with creating an Iceland honeymoon you'll never forget. Ziggy's favourite recommendations are:

Westman Islands Visit

Westman islands (perfect for summer time), get yourselves and your ride on the ferry from South Iceland and sail to this beautiful island cluster. Favourite activity in the islands: Eldheimar Volcano museum, Rib Safari boat ride & explore the Pompei sites where you see the houses that were buried in lava during the Volcanic eruption in 1974.

Iceland Self Drive Adventure

If you have a week or more driving the ring road around Iceland is the ultimate Iceland experience, you get to touch on each part of the country, the Black beaches, waterfalls and glaciers of the South, magnificent fjords of the East, the Great North with powerful waterfalls, luxury geothermal pools and beautiful geothermal areas, micro breweries and of course their capital Akureyri. If you have time take a day on the Snæfellsnes peninsula or as we like to call it: Iceland in miniature! It might be daunting planning a 1,500 KM / 930 Miles long drive, where to stay, where to eat, what to see and what to do? But fear not we have the experience in planning and are confident to be able to give you all the best recommendations. The best thing is that we'll handle all the bookings and communication with vendors and you'll receive a full itinerary from us.

Iceland Honeymoon ideas by Pink Iceland

The Ultimate Luxury & Relaxation: The Blue Lagoon Retreat.

The Blue Lagoon Retreat is a new Luxury Hotel located at the Blue Lagoon, as a part of your stay at the Retreat is access to the Blue Lagoon ritual spa, Morning yoga, Morning guided Aquatic Flotation and of course both the Retreat Lagoon & the Blue Lagoon. The Suites themselves are out of this world with all the comfort you could ask for and a mini bar that re-stocks itself!

Iceland Honeymoon ideas by Pink Iceland
Guided Aquatic Flotation at the Blue Lagoon Retreat

Reykjavík based Honeymoon

Getting a cozy room in the city centre of Reykjavik and making it your base for your honeymoon is also a great idea, especially if you don't like being behind the wheel yourselves. Reykjavik is a fantastic place to explore on foot with museums, restaurants, cafés, microbrewery bars, concerts, drag shows, beautiful ocean front and the list goes on and on. Then there are the many many day tours you can do from the city. Pink Iceland has a lot of great recommendations of tours that can be done in one day out of Reykjavik, Super Jeeps into the Highlands, Snowmobile up a glacier, Snorkel between the continents, hike a geothermal valley & bathe in the hot river... oh the possibilities.

Iceland Honeymoon ideas by Pink Iceland

Don't hesitate to put yourselves in touch with the Pink Iceland dream team, we'll plan your Iceland Wedding & Iceland Honeymoon and we'll have fun doing so. If you need further convincing we recommend you checking out our TripAdvisor Page, we're closing in on 500 5 star reviews, wow, amazing!


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