Iceland Ice Cave Wedding

Yes, you read right, that's a wedding, a wedding in Iceland, a wedding in Iceland in an ice cave!

Iceland Wedding photographer Kristín María captured the magic of their wedding day and we'd love to share the experience with you.

Stunning views from inside the ice cave

Are you planning a winter wedding in Iceland? We salute you! That means you are a brave, open minded and have just the right attitude towards your upcoming nuptials. The Icelandic Winter can be like a temperamental diva, and that's a character we LOVE. The weather can change in an instant, there might be beautiful romantic snow flakes lazily making there way to the ground, there might be Northern Lights or a blizzard with white out forcing us to hold our position and wait it out.

But like a typical Diva you forgive the Icelandic winter weather cause it is all so worth it, combining the experience of the elements with the unbelievable beauty of the Icelandic nature. Amazing Iceland Wedding adventure!

G&I chose Pink Iceland as their wedding planners and we're so honoured they did. We had the best time planning their wedding and were so excited that they wanted to go for it and get married in an ice cave! They were joined by close friends and family who all strapped on crampons & a hard hat as they hiked through the rugged terrain, up into the glacier ice cave where a beautiful Humanist wedding ceremony by Inga took place. There was a lot of room for emotion in the ice cave and something so profound getting married in a unique place like a glacier in Iceland.

Getting to the ice cave. Driving along the South Shore of Iceland with view for days en route to the wedding location:

Safety first as the wedding group hike to the glacier

Arriving in the ice cave, almost wedding ready!

Iceland Ice cave wedding ceremony has started

The couple read heartfelt vows to each other

Exchanging of the rings

Yay!! The did it, just married inside a glacier in Iceland!

Just married in a glacier cave in Iceland! Amazing!
Group hug!

We're in love, in awe, inspired by these amazing ice cave wedding photos!

Trip back from the glacier riding in a Super Truck.

At the end of the glacier adventure the group headed for some of Iceland's most famous wedding photos locations, the Black sand beach Reynisfjara and the majestic Skógafoss.

Wedding photos in Reynisfjara, the famous black sand beach
Basalt columns in Reynisfjara black sand beach
The majestic Skógafoss, a perfect place for an Icelandic wedding photo

Brave G&I wedding couple getting closer to Skógafoss waterfall
Gorgeous shot of G&I newlyweds by Skógafoss

What a way to end the wedding day in the company of Icelandic horses sipping on bubbles in a lovely snowfall?

Thank you for sharing this experience with us G&I and thank you again for choosing Pink Iceland as your wedding planners. And thank you Kristín María for the amazing Iceland wedding photos!


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