Iceland Lesbian Wedding

A&C decided to elope in Iceland and made our day with their incredible joyful spirits. They traveled along the South Shore of Iceland with their Iceland Wedding planner Haffi and photographer Kristín María. They visited a Black Beach, a Glacier, took shots of Icelandic liquor Björk (yes it's really called that), had some traditional Icelandic road side hot dogs, got married by a beautiful Waterfall, enjoyed a prosecco picnic and then headed for more photo adventures. Skógafoss wedding photos are always so majestic and pretty epic and then they ventured inside a waterfall by wading a small river. Pseudo craters were the last stop on the agenda for the wedding day with their incredible red colour scheme.

Enjoy their incredible Iceland Wedding adventure.

Photos by the incredibly talented Iceland Wedding photographer Kristín María

Super sharp & beautiful brides ready for their Iceland Wedding Adventure.

Iceland, sometimes you're moody, but you always look so gorgeous!

Iceland's South Shore is super popular for destination weddings and you see why:

Pre wedding photos at the Black Beach of Vík

Practice for their first dance as wife and wife :)

Cheers for the brides. Björk is a fragrant Icelandic liqueur handcrafted from distilled grain spirit, infused with Icelandic birch handpicked in the spring and with a finish of Icelandic birch syrup.

Oh the Icelandic hot dog, impossible to resist when road tripping in Iceland.

Arrived at Sólheimajökull glacier for more amazing wedding photos.

Beautiful ceremony by Bæring at a secluded waterfall on the South Shore of Iceland

Congratulations and skál.

Iceland Wedding picnic

Some down time to enjoy a kleina, a traditional Icelandic delicacy with the prosecco.

Custom made bridal outfits, perfect for an Iceland wedding.

Prosecco for the road? Yes please!

It's important to realise just how much drizzle can come from the waterfalls in Iceland where it's always windy and the spray will get you.

But it's always worth it in the end, just look at these pictures.

Another adventure, this time inside a waterfall. Be careful, it can be slippery!

They made it through no problem and Haffi was right there with the raincoats when they needed.

The Pseudo craters of Rauðhólar just outside Reykjavik, the colours are so beautiful.

Thank you for following their journey and thank you C&A for entrusting Pink Iceland to be your Iceland Wedding Planner.


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