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Iceland Private Waterfall Wedding

Arthur and Kat got married by a Private Waterfall in South Iceland in July 2019. A large and fantastic group of guests, around 120 people, joined them to celebrate their love.

From dining in a greenhouse surrounded by tomato plants to bathing in lagoons drinking Icelandic beer, this fun group of humans enjoyed a 4 day Icelandic Wedding Adventure. We had a blast being their Iceland Wedding planners, so incredibly glad they picked Iceland and Pink Iceland.

Kristín María was their Iceland Wedding photographer & Julie Rowland her second shooter, enjoy their amazing wedding day!

Summer Wedding in Iceland
Iceland Wedding Reception in Viking Lodge
Iceland Wedding Exit - midnight sun

The day started in the city centre of Reykjavik before heading out on the road of Iceland's South Shore.

Iceland wedding dress

A rest stop on the way to the Private Waterfall turned out to be a lovely photo shoot. Look at her!

unique Iceland wedding photo location

Yes, there was live music on the way. That's what friends are for.

Iceland South Shore

Guests and groom waiting for the bride to arrive

Iceland Waterfall Wedding ceremony
Iceland Waterfall Wedding ceremony

What an entrance! And that beautiful ring bouquet by Þórdís Zophía

Iceland Waterfall Wedding ceremony

Gorgeous weather, perfect for an outdoor wedding

Private Iceland Waterfall Wedding ceremony

Iceland Waterfall Wedding ceremony

Friends performing live music during the wedding ceremony

Iceland Waterfall Wedding ceremony

And of course a choir of "Vikings" - Iceland Wedding tradition? Well maybe from now on!

Iceland Waterfall Wedding ceremony

Surprise wedding taste - Icelandic shark served on troll sized spoons

Endless surprises in the ceremony

Iceland Waterfall Wedding ceremony

A&K had their first dance as a married couple right after the ceremony, it was a surprise for all the guests.

Just married!

Iceland Waterfall Wedding ceremony

"Kransakaka" cake (melting in the sun!) & Prosecco

Traditional Iceland wedding cake Kransakaka

Not their ride

Iceland Wedding picnic toast

More Icelandic stuff - the famous hot dog! Mhhhh!

First stop for Iceland Wedding photos: Reynisfjara Black Beach

Reynisfjara Black beach Wedding photo

The famous pillars at Reynisfjara

Waterfall shower

Skogafoss waterfall wedding photo

Majestic Skógafoss Waterfall

Skogafoss waterfall wedding photo

Sometimes umbrellas are a part of the programme, waterfall shower provided by Skógafoss.

Skogafoss waterfall wedding photo

Some grey ombre on the dress after a day of adventure

Love and lupins

lupine iceland wedding pictures

Could the purple lupines be one of the best things about the Icelandic summers?

Reception venue: Ingólfsskáli Viking lodge.

Iceland Wedding reception venue

Cake for 120 people, we tasted it. Several times. It was amazing!

Wedding cakes in Iceland

Iceland Wedding reception at Viking lodge.

Wedding guest group shot in the midnight sun, this is taken after dinner btw. In the summertime in Iceland there are days when the sun hardly sets and it stays light and beautiful like this throughout the evening.

Iceland Wedding group photo

More love

Eva María & Birna, Pink Iceland wedding planners sneak in a hug.

Second first dance. A beautiful backdrop provided the Viking Lodge.

Iceland Wedding reception venue

This all ended well, no worries

Iceland Wedding reception venue


Iceland Wedding reception venue

Iceland Wedding reception venue

Aren't the bride and groom just the coolest?

Dancing until the AM