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Iceland Wedding Reception

Updated: Apr 12, 2023

When planning your wedding in Iceland picking a venue for your reception is a big part of the process. For us as planners we've had the pleasure working with various venues around our beautiful island and we're confident in which ones are our favourites and how we recommend each one to our wonderful couples. To start with this blog is all about the photo inspiration from our amazing photographers, Kristín María, Julie Rowland, Sunday & White, Styrmir & Heiðdís.

These are not all the Iceland Wedding reception venues, but we had to start somewhere, we hope you enjoy and get inspired.

When asked the Pink Iceland Wedding planners all mentioned this beautiful barn among their top choices of Iceland Wedding Venues. Located only an hour from Reykjavik city it's well positioned if you wish to have a wedding around the Paradise Valley, South Shore or Golden Circle area. You can explore these parts of Iceland in the Pink Iceland Wedding Portfolio.

Barn Wedding venue in Iceland

Decorations in the ceilings, string lights, floral decorations and the beautiful midnight sun coming through the window at Brú Country Estate. Icelandic name for this wonderful establishment is Sveitasetrið Brú.

Best Iceland Wedding venues

Wedding band in Iceland

Overlooking a geothermal river this glass encaged Iceland wedding reception venue is very unique. Located in Hveragerði the Frost and Fire hotel welcomes guests in wonderful rooms and then offers the chance of hosting your wedding reception at their restaurant.

Iceland wedding reception venue

U table setup at Frost and Fire for this intimate beautiful wedding dinner.

Intimate elopement dinner amongst new friends

Iceland Elopement Dinner

Amongst other delighted patrons B&M celebrated their marriage with the cutest kransakaka we've ever seen.

Best described as Viking chic, wouldn't you agree?

Viking chic Iceland Wedding reception

Whether you're hosting an intimate small group or throwing a 100+ guest bash this venue is a great match.

It's not secret that we favour this Iceland Wedding venue a lot. Not only are they located in a special place at what sometimes feel like the edge of Iceland in the middle of nowhere but they just know how to do weddings! Let's face it, there aren't too many people in Iceland that have been doing weddings as long as Pink Iceland but they actually must be the most seasoned.

This romantic Reykjavik Wedding reception was intimate and exactly what the couple had envisioned.

Best Reykjavik Wedding venues

Not only does this fabulous hotel have a beautiful wedding reception venue but it's in a gorgeous and logistically wonderful location.

The minimalist feel and the details, gives us the good chills.