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Let's hear it from Moon and Back

At Moon and Back Co we are known for creating natural, fun and authentic wedding films but also for our service culture and team. We are based in studios across Melbourne, Sydney, London and Auckland.

Our approach to weddings is genuine, real and authentic. The most important part of our experience with couples is that we are unobtrusive and relaxed on the wedding day. We are not there to get in the way or to get the 'shot.' We capture the day as it unfolds naturally and are from this, we are able to film genuine and real moments. We will never tell you what to do or how to pose. Each Moon and Back Co wedding video is unique and a reflection of how the couple were on their wedding day along with the vibe of their day. That's why we love to work with couples and planners whose values align with ours - to have fun, be natural and let the day unfold as it is. Rain, hail or shine (or snow!), your wedding film should depict exactly how your day was, as your film is the best way to transport yourself back to your day and how you felt on that day, time and time again.

Working alongside Pink Iceland, we have been able to experience Iceland like we never would have before. Transported to a completely different world, the Pink Iceland team have taken us and their couples on what can only be described as a mesmerising adventure. Particular moments that we reflect on with awe are capturing a wedding in the middle of December, with only a few hours of sunlight, the Pink Iceland team were able to encapsulate a full days worth of glorious wedding celebrations and epic photoshoot locations, all of which made us feel like we were in another world! We have been able to capture couples in their element at private waterfalls, driven down roads with nothing but Iceland landscape for miles on either side, to locations where it feels like the couple are the only people on the planet. Pink Iceland truly knows how to maximise the raw beauty of Iceland and simultaneously bring together an adventure and celebration for couples and their families to immerse themselves in. Thank you Moon and Back Co for contributing to the Pink Iceland blog, we can't wait for our next Iceland Wedding Adventure together.

Xoxo the Pink Iceland Wedding planning team


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