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Mulagljufur Canyon Elopement

The Pink Iceland team had the honour and pleasure to assist F&K plan their adventure elopement in Iceland. Two days of amazing wedding photo locations along South Iceland and then a true hike to remember to Mulagljufur canyon for an epic ceremony site.

A picture is certainly worth a thousand words and Tyler Rye tells their story beautifully.

Mulagljufur canyon elopement in Iceland

And now we pass the mic down to the Bride as she shares her experience planning their wedding with Pink Icleand:

'I know these words are not going to be enough to express how much gratitude we feel towards the Pink Iceland team.'

Mulagljufur canyon elopement in Iceland

'Our journey with them began in October of 2019. My (now) husband and I reached out to Pink Iceland to guide us in planning the elopement of our dreams, and, boy!, did they deliver. Not only did they help plan our special day, but also helped us map out our 2 fulls weeks in Iceland. Every detail from our trip to our special day was planned out to a T, and for that we will be forever grateful. '

Mulagljufur canyon elopement in Iceland

Hiking to Mulagljufur canyon Iceland
Up for a hike? Take off the heels, tuck in the tie and tie on your hiking shoes as it's a gorgeous up to an hours hike

Mulagljufur canyon wedding with Pink Iceland
That's how you point when you've found the perfect ceremony spot!

'I want to give our day of Celebrant Árni a huge shoutout for taking SUCH GOOD CARE OF US on our wedding day— you were a dream to work with, and could not have imagined a better celebrant to marry us (also quoting my favorite singer, what a lovely touch!!).'

'Thank you Nina for waking up before the sun came up to do my hair and makeup, and anchoring my veil in like a champ- that thing didn’t move the whole day! '

Humanist wedding ceremony in Iceland
Humanist wedding ceremony on the edge

Newlywed couple in Mulagljufur canyon
Just married! Congratulations to the wonderful couple!

Intimate Iceland adventure elopement

'We also want to give Pink Iceland the greatest shoutout for sticking with us through a global pandemic. I can’t thank this team enough for basically holding our hands through what could have been a nightmare experience after having to postpone everything a whole year.

Eva was truly so knowledgeable of every detail when it came to getting legally married in Iceland to the new Covid-19 travel protocols we would face when we arrived in August of 2021. Because of this team, our trip and special day were more than we could have imagined.'

Mulagljufur South Iceland elopement

The talented Þórdís has created another gorgeous Iceland Wedding bouquet

gorgeous Iceland Wedding bouquet

Champagne wedding shower in Iceland

'I wish I could do it over and over again! I truly feel like we’ve found a friend in Pink Iceland, and can’t wait to use them for some fun tours when we return.

Again, I know these words will never be enough to truly express how much gratitude we have for this team, but we do want the people to know that If you’re looking for a team to make your dreams come true, you won’t be disappointed here. To Eva, Árni, Nina, and the entire Pink Iceland team, we are forever thankful for all of your hard work and dedication to celebrating love across Iceland ❤️'

Dramatic Iceland wedding landscapes

Iceland elopment newlyweds

Getting married in Mulagljufur canyon in Iceland

Mulagljufur exclusive wedding ceremony in Iceland

We'll share some additional locations the couple stopped at, Katla glacier & Skógafoss majestic waterfall!

Katla glacier wedding photo

Skogafoss Iceland wedding photo

Inspired to get married in Iceland yet? We know you are and we'd be super happy to be your Iceland Wedding planners!


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