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Reykjavik Pride fast approaching!

Updated: Feb 19, 2021

And we probably don't have to say it but we're getting super excited. First things first: Dates! This year Reykjavik Pride is celebrating a 20 year anniversary so the programme is extra special and spans two weekends, August 8th-17th. We wanted to walk you through the Reykjavik pride events that we're MOST looking forward to!

Of course our first recommendation is that you go ahead and sign up for the Pink Pride Package The Pink Pride Package is a mix of colourful culture, amazing nature, fantastic music, great food and a lot of fun! We will make sure you won't miss a thing during this amazing Pride festival. 

August 8th // Let's paint the town red and orange and yellow and.. well let's paint a rainbow! It's a tradition on the first day of Pride volunteers gather at a location TBC and paint a giant rainbow in the street to mark the start of the festival.

Since we started going to Pride we've never missed out on the Opening ceremony of Reykjavik Pride, it's like a big rainbow family reunion!

August 9th // The Stonewall Riots

We'd recommend visiting the National Museum of Iceland any day but especially during Pride because of this event!

August 9th // Oh girl you don't want to miss: The Icelandic drag competition!

Drag competition for all Drag Royals. Shade will be thrown, a crown will be snatched and a fabulous time had by all!

Detox, Daniel Lismore & Iceland's Drag royalty at the Pink Iceland Party.

Queer comedy power couple who are guaranteed to have you laugh both with them and at them!!

August 15th // No Wire Hangers EVER!

Heklina & Peaches Christ, Drag legends bring their show MOMMIE QUEEREST to Reykjavik Pride!

August 16th // Queer nightlife stories

Go barhopping and learn about the nightlife stories of Reykjavik!

August 16th // Cruising!

You thought there was no cruising scene in Reykjavik?! You thought wrong, at least for this fabulous Friday night when we take the boat out from Reykjavík's Old harbour and go Queer cruising with Elding who has been a supporter of Reykjavik Pride for many years!

August 17th // Never too many bubbles!

Warm up for the Pride Parade and join us at Geiri Smart for the official Reykjavik Pride Bubbly brunch!

August 17th // Reykjavik Pride Parade!

Reykjavík's city centre never looks more beautiful than for the Reykjavik Pride Parade! Need a dose of Pride, love, happiness and confetti?! Come on down!

August 17th // Dance the night away!

Kiki Queer Bar will be open for events & dancing during the entire Reykjavik Pride festival and definitely this Saturday night!!

Reykjavik Pride's closing Party - oh it will be an extravaganza!

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See you in Iceland



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