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Snæfellsnes Wedding Magic

Updated: Apr 30, 2020

The wonderful E & L celebrated their love in Snæfellsnes peninsula surrounded by their closest friends and family & spectacular Icelandic nature. What a pleasure and honour it was to plan their wedding and take part in the celebrations!

E & L must have collected some serious karma weather points as the weather was absolutely perfect and visibility amazing. Visibility when on the Snæfellsnes peninsula is key as that means you will have views of the glacier! The glacier quite often hides in the clouds keeping the mystery alive but for their wedding day the term 'go big or go home' was very fitting as every single part was very visible!

The setting is Hotel Budir, a renowned Iceland wedding hotel, in the middle of a lava field on Snæfellsnes peninsula. Preparations started our great with some bubbles & scotch and jumping on the bed from excitement.

The wedding ceremony location was a black pebble beach surrounded by rock formations of all sizes and shapes and of course the powerful ocean. Haukur the Nordic chieftain that performed the ceremony had everyone drink from the horn wishing the newlyweds all the luck and love in their future.

Toasting the nuptials is best done under the blue sky so of course the Pink Iceland team set up a bubbly bar in nature.

Please enjoy the fabulous photos from the preparations and ceremony.

Pink Iceland Wedding planner planner: Birna Hrönn

Iceland Wedding Photographer: Kristin Maria


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