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The All Important Wedding Picnic

Updated: Mar 15, 2022

Your wedding ceremony just ended. You’ve just promised to spend the rest of your life with someone you love, your heart is filled with joy and you’re surrounded by loved ones. If there was ever an occasion for a toast, this is it!

On a more practical note we have found that by offering a light picnic after the ceremony we are able to both delight, and occupy your guests as they wait their turn to congratulate you. During the picnic we recommend getting the photos you want with your family and friend groups before you break away from the group for your epic photo adventure.

Our most popular offering is the Pink Iceland Signature Prosecco Picnic which includes at least two glasses of Prosecco per guest, Icelandic Chocolate, locally grown berries and the famous Kleinur, a traditional and universally loved local pastry. We always include non-alcoholic beverages like sparkling tea or lemonade in addition to water, well, unless you’re getting married by a river or waterfall in which case we’ll get the water from there of course!

Top-tip: Do like the locals do and mix your kleinur and chocolate for maximum deliciousness!

Picnic Options

Want to try something different? No problem! What does your ideal post ceremony picnic look like? Think of your picnic table as an empty canvas waiting to be filled with whatever treats and drinks you desire. Here are some ideas to get you started:


Sparkling Wine

Extra Dry Piccini Prosecco from Italy, in Venetian Dress as befits the occasion. You can replace the Prosecco with Champagne, Cava or a sparkling Rosé.

Craft Beer

An alternative, or an add-on to your picnic could be a selection of locally brewed craft beer from Lady Brewery. You may also want to think about getting a selection of these for the guest tours and transfers.


You can offer spirits as your drink of choice. These could include: Cocktails, Icelandic Craft Gin, Icelandic Brennivín, Tequila or your favourite whiskey.


No problem. You can offer sparkling tea, coffee, hot chocolate, or any non-alcoholic beverage of your choices.


On longer days you’ll want to think about keeping your guests energised. Some couples opt to stop for lunch at a restaurant while others pad their picnic with more filling food options. Options include, but are not limited to:

Finger Food

A selection of bite sized treats. For example: Roast beef on a crispy flatbread, Chicken salad on sunflower seed bread, Crostini with smoked salmon, Coconut coated tiger shrimp with chili mayonnaise, Vegetable gyoza with goma dressing and Chocolate lollipops.

Traditional Icelandic

A selection of traditional Icelandic treats every Icelander knows and loves. For example: Flatbread with smoked lamb, Smoked salmon on rye-bread, Icelandic soft scones with local cheese and butter. This one goes great with a bit of Brennivín, if you dare.


A selection of local (and imported if you want) cheeses with berries, jams, nuts, breads and crackers. Add some meat and you’ve got a Charcuterie Picnic!


Who says you have to wait to eat wedding cake until the reception - why not after the ceremony? And who says you can’t have two, if you want one for both occasions? We definitely didn’t say that. Or you can offer a selection of smaller items like mini-cupcakes and or macaroons (in your wedding colours of course).


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