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Updated: May 5, 2020

We love our office. It represents a whole lot who we are and what Pink Iceland is all about. Our coffee is always fresh, the water is sparkling and the advice is honest. This is where the Pink Iceland team spends their days creating unforgettable experiences and lasting memories. We enjoy planning weddings & elopements for excited couples coming to Iceland from all over the world to get married. We plan tailor made travel for groups and individuals. Some want to enjoy the luxury of the Pink Iceland tours, being driven around by one of our fun and knowledgeable Pink Iceland guides and shown the sights. Some want to take part in one of our group trips and others want to take the wheel themselves and explore Iceland and have us help with the Iceland itinerary. We also run a tiny little novelty shop where we sell Icelandic items so our guests can bring back gifts and tangible memories.

We'd love to take you on a tour around our Pink Iceland office:

Our storefront. It's got a huge Pink Iceland, quite literal and fabulous which showcases both items for sale and things we feel represent us. The 'Be nice or leave sign' our TripAdvisor acknowledgement, Pink Iceland swag and our dear darling Paw Patrol headlined by Strumpur a.k.a Smurfdog who is joined by both Húgó and Emma when their owners Sara and Haffi bring them along for work. Early on Strumpur chose his spot in the window and we had it framed with his hashtag #smurfdog and a little informative text about our dog family. Sometimes Emma and Húgó take his place, he's happy to share.

The Only Detox is a dear friend who has visited and enjoyed Iceland a lot with the Pink Iceland team. She was the headliner for our Winter Pride Rainbow Reykjavik in 2019 and we wanted to make sure that we knew a small part of her belonged in Iceland and she was in our hearts so we asked our friend Össi to create this mural of her at the back of our office. Revealing it to her was awesome. It's now on Google maps as a point of interest here in Reykjavík: The Detox Mural! Stop by and snap a photo with the Diva!

Detox can also be found lurking around inside the office! And Eva María Pink Iceland's owner and founder travels the world frequently to speak about our company, our views towards business and our guests and how we do things around here.

And speaking about how we want to do things. We want to be nice, we want to work with nice people. We pretty explicitly say so on our office door. It's a sign we put up even before we moved in furniture and it reads:

Another philosophy we try live by ourselves and implement in the experiences we create:

Our guests experience mean everything to us. The feeling you get after an amazing wedding day or an adventurous tour where everyone is just over the moon happy is priceless. We're fortunate that our guests love to share their experience with Pink Iceland on TripAdvisor, Google & Facebook and moreover take time to send us thank you cards. The thank you cards make for the loveliest wallpaper in our office and if we're feeling blu we can just walk up to the wall have a read and we instantly feel better!

Either the thank you cards or Sara is the reason Haffi is smiling so wide in the photo!

Takk is the Icelandic word for Thank you!

We're currently at 477 5 star reviews on TripAdvisor. 48 5 stars on Google and a lot on Facebook. Thank you everyone!!

Divine decor. As you see we're working with the themes Pink and Iceland.

You got to believe!

Of course Smurfdog has his very own portrait!

Our mission, and we've chosen to accept it!

Our Pink Iceland novelty shop is just a couple of shelves at the front of our office and it has items near and dear to our hearts.

Attitude Swag bag & Positivity bag:

Of course the Pink Iceland bag. All of our friends have around 5 each so don't bring your booze to a party in a Pink Iceland bag if you are coming to our house, it will soon be mistaken for someone elses!

Originally intended as staff wear the Pink Iceland Sweater and T-shirt gained a lot of interest and we frequently make them and sell. We love them and we love that other people do too!

We have our licenses, awards, achievements on display, but of course. And you can also see the sign that for when we first had an office on Laugavegur 3 on the 4th floor. We rented a small room from the National LGBTQ+ organisation Samtökin '78. We're of course members of Vakinn Quality system and are certified and received Gold in the environmental category.

Thank you for taking the virtual tour of the Pink Iceland office, we of course hope you'll be here in person soon to check in and say hi before your travel or wedding in Iceland.



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