Þingvellir Church Wedding

The wonderful M&R had their sights set on Iceland for the destination wedding and furthermore wanted to explore one of Iceland's beautiful country churches. After looking around Þingvellir church spoke to them and the location was ideal too, right in the heart of Thingvellir National park, about 45 minutes from Reykjavik. The day started out with a few raindrops but apparently that was just to cleanse the streets a bit and make the grass greener as Mother Nature stopped the rain in time for their celebrations.

The talented Iceland Wedding photographers Styrmir & Heiðdís documented their day beautifully.

M & R just married. Exiting Þingvellir church after their ceremony
The lava fields around Nesjavellir windy and dramatic, perfect for wedding photos
Game of Thrones like landscapes close to Reykjavik

If there ever was a time to give a bride standing ovation this would be it. M remained so calm and centered during a slight hiccup with the dress. M you are a hero and the team we had with us that morning , you are too!

But can we also talk about how gorgeous the dress is and what a knock out the bride is wearing it?!

Getting ready in Reykjavik, the beautiful bride and her girl gang had a beautiful place in the city centre of Reykjavik overlooking the Old harbour

Reykjavik Wedding Preparations in full swing!

The groom in good company

Þingvellir church lies within the National Park Þingvellir which is a historic site known for being the site of Iceland's parliament and is on the Unesco World Heritage list. Thingvellir church is beautiful inside and out and it's well worth taking the time to look at it's details. It's rather small and cozy and for a wedding ceremony it's very intimate.

Guests get comfortable on the pews in Þingvellir church and wait for the ceremony to begin
Here comes the bride
Walking down the aisle in Thingvellir church
The way he smiles at her!!

Þingvellir church, beautiful and intimate wedding venue.

Just married!! Congratulations!

M & R just married. Exiting Þingvellir church after their ceremony
Let's celebrate. Up next the Wedding picnic

Delicious Icelandic Wedding picnic served outside Thingvellir church.

Sipping on bubbles & having a taste of the Icelandic twisted doughnut: kleina.

Wedding Group photo by Þingvellir church

After the wedding ceremony and toast in Þingvellir M&R went on a wedding photoshoot adventure with Birna from Pink Iceland and their wedding photographers Styrmir & Heiðdís

Views over Þingvallavatn lake in the distance
Wedding photos by Öxarárfoss

Taking a stroll in Þingvellir national park between the continents

Iceland Wedding florals by the super talented Þórdís

On top. Did they hike all the way up there in the heels and dress shoes?

Iceland Wedding photo with views over Þingvallavatn lake

Portrait game on point.

The details in the bouquet!

After a beautiful day in the countryside the group returned to Reykjavik to attend the wedding reception at Skólabrú. If you are looking for a traditional old-timey Icelandic wedding venue you should definitely look at Skolabru. Super charming.

Iceland Wedding decorations by our amazing florist & stylist Þórdís
Historic house in Reykjavik City Centre: Skolabru restaurant

Reykjavik City centre made sure to bring it's A game for M&R's wedding reception, beautiful light & still weather.

The looks! We're loving the kindness, joy and love you see in the guests and newlyweds looks!

Reykjavik Wedding reception at Skolabru

The speeches. So many emotions awoken! Beautiful group of guests.

It's important to take a moment and breathe, take it all in.

Our beautiful bride M in the evening light
First dance, what a gorgeous couple
Bride and squad taking over the dance floor

Dj Erla made sure that the dancing didn't stop.

Thank you dearest M&R for choosing Pink Iceland to be your wedding planner. It was a pleasure through and through. And all the adventures that we went through on your actual wedding day, well they created bonds and memories to last a lifetime!!


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