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Winter Pride Rainbow Reykjavík

Updated: May 5, 2020

What is it? A beautiful and intimate Winter Pride Festival

When? February 13th through 15th in Reykjavik

What to expect? Fun, tours, parties and lifelong friends to me made!

Price? The small price of $450usd for the basic package with optional add-ons available such as group dinners and a visit to the beautiful Blue Lagoon!

Where to book? Click here!

Reykjavik Winter Pride in Iceland

It’s happening again - one of the world's smallest Pride festivals is just around the corner and you are invited!! This year Pink Iceland is hosting the 9th annual Rainbow Reykjavik Winter Pride Festival and it will be as fabulous as ever. The festivities start on the 13th of February with a Welcome reception at the Pink Iceland office where the guests get to mix and mingle along with the Pink Iceland staff. Who knows, we might be graced by the presence of a local queen!?

The party then continues at Kiki Queer Bar where the fabulous Faye Knus will host the Bingo Extravaganza, where numbers really don’t count!

Reykjavik Winter Pride in Iceland

Day two will take you wandering through the streets of Reykjavik listening to the beautiful Herstories from Hannes, one of the owners of Pink Iceland.

Hannes has been involved in the gay since since the mid ‘90s and he is not shy sharing his personal stories of how and where gay history in Reykjavík began, how the battle for equality has evolved through the years and where we are at now. You will see venues frequented by LGBTQ+ people throughout the years and learn about the general history and outlook of the people who built Reykjavík and those who inhabit it today.

An optional group lunch will be held in one of Iceland’s lovely harbour restaurants where guests will be able to taste at least 8 different fish plates but Iceland is known for fresh food and especially the fish! Don’t miss out on joining us for this feast.

The world famous Blue Lagoon then awaits those who sign up for the additional tour and here our guests will enjoy the afternoon soaking in the Turquoise geothermal hot waters with a chilled drink in hand from the swim in bar.

Reykjavik Winter Pride in Iceland
Reykjavik Winter Pride in Iceland

This evening's group dinner will be held at Fiskfelagid where guests will be taken on a 4 course seasonal menu Around Iceland!

What better way to end the night than at the Valentine's Day special Drag Show hosted by Drag-sugur - the biggest queer variety show in Iceland! Guests of Rainbow Reykjavík receive a special discount price to the show.

Reykjavik Winter Pride in Iceland

Photo by Lolla

The signature tour of the Rainbow Reykjavik Festival brings you to an erupting Geyser​, Iceland's most impressive waterfall Gullfoss and our National Park Þingvellir where you can see where two tectonic plates are pulling apart and where you can straddle the North American and Eurasian continents.

Reykjavik Winter Pride in Iceland
Reykjavik Winter Pride in Iceland
Reykjavik Winter Pride in Iceland

During the tour you will enjoy a private pool party and drag show at a privately rented geothermal swimming pool so make sure you remember your bathing suit! Oh did we not mention? Yes there will be drinks!

Reykjavik Winter Pride in Iceland

The group will make it back to town in time to shower and dress up and enjoy another optional group dinner before making their way to the largest social event of the season - The Masquerade Ball!!

Reykjavik Winter Pride in Iceland
Reykjavik Winter Pride in Iceland
Reykjavik Winter Pride in Iceland
Pink Masquerade Party for Reykjavik Winter Pride

After the long, dark and cold month of January, the Icelander’s will crawl out of their hibernation and fill the beautiful house of Idno! Make sure to dress fab as you will be able to enter a catwalk and impress the judges in order to win some fabulous prizes!

This has for the last 6 years been my favorite event of the season for two reasons, nr. 1 - I get to spend some amazing time with our guests from all over the world and show them my beautiful country, no matter the weather! Nr. 2 - Receiving hugs and kisses at the end of the 3 days and watching as our guests go home satisfied and happy and have a new international queer family.

I have never attended any queer festival where lesbians, bears, twinks, trans people, old and young & multi cultural people get so well along that I can honestly say that it brings tears to my eyes every single year!

Feel welcomed and join the Pink team, their queer family and friends for this amazing mini pride festival

Xoxo your Pink Guide Ziggy


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