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Reykjavík // Pink Iceland Portfolio

Want to mix some urban elements into your wedding ceremony or photoshoot? If that’s the case, Reykjavík city has some cool angles.


Being in or close to Reykjavik means less driving time for those involved in the wedding, so if you don’t feel like traveling far, Reykjavík has many great options for weddings of all sizes. Get married in the stunning music hall Harpa? Or by the beautiful lighthouse in Grótta where you can position yourselves in a way that you only see the sea and mountains, even though you are just 10 minutes away from the city center? Take wedding photos in the lovely Botanical Gardens or hop on a ferry to get married on the small island Viðey, with Reykjavik on one side and the majestic mountains on the other side. 


Grótta - The Botanical Gardens - Elliðaárdalur - Viðey island - Rauðhólar - Iðnó Theatre by the pond - The Magistrates office -Árbæjarsafn

Harpa Concert hall - Dómkirkjan - Reykjavík Cathedral - Hallgrímskirkja - The Pearl

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