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Iceland Wedding FAQ

Updated: May 5, 2020

Do you have questions about getting married in Iceland?

Iceland Wedding FAQ

No doubt the Pink Iceland team has received hundreds of wedding related questions about Iceland and we believe we've done a pretty good job finding answers to most of them. Many of them arise in the wedding planning process but if you are just now thinking of getting married in Iceland we have listed some of the frequently asked questions about getting married in Iceland to assist with beginning your process of planning a destination wedding. We will add more for sure but it's a good start.

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Of course if you want to start a conversation about it please reach out and we'll send you more information and plan a video call where we can go over your options and live budget based on your ideas about an Iceland wedding. We're proud and happy to be flexible with your wishes as it is after all YOUR big day. We will offer our very best advise and let you know what we honestly know and feel about what you have in mind and explain how it has worked for us in the past and how it's best to move forward.

Same sex weddings in Iceland

Say you want to get married at the beautiful famous Seljalandsfoss. We have nothing against this gorgeous location but with it's fame and accessibility is has become wildly popular and if privacy is any concern we'd rather suggest one of the lesser known neighbouring waterfalls for the ceremony. Once the ceremony is done, you're a little less stressed and have maybe had a glass of bubbles or two you will definitely feel more comfortable stepping into a location with numerous other people to get some epic shots of this beautiful waterfall. Just maybe you are very comfortable with an early rise? The sun rarely sets during summers in Iceland so how would you feel about a 3am ceremony? Then Seljalandsfoss could be a definite contender.

Destination wedding planner in Iceland

Just look how cute these horses are in the midnight sun!!

Midnight sun weddings in Iceland

With Iceland your opportunities are endless, we're talking getting married in a glacier cave, in a tiny hidden cave overlooking a black beach, by one of our many gorgeous waterfalls, in the Blue Lagoon, in the rift between continents, on board a Viking ship, with the Icelandic horse.. and we could go on and on. Iceland is an amazing place to get married and we'd love to be there to help you plan it!

Same sex weddings in Iceland

Here are some examples of some of our Iceland wedding FAQ:

What do you wear to a wedding in Iceland? Can a US citizen get married in Iceland? Do I need a Visa to come to Iceland and get married? What documents do I need to get married in Iceland? Do I need my documents translated? We are already legally married and just want a symbolic ceremony, can you arrange that?

And we answers them all HERE!

We truly look forward to hear from you and what you have in mind for your Iceland Wedding.

xoxo The Pink Iceland team


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