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Iceland Wedding Flowers

Updated: Mar 22, 2022

Your ceremony flowers play a significant role on your wedding day as they tie together the overall look and feel of your day. The colours and style of the wedding bouquet set the tone and serve as a focal point as one of the first things your guests will see at your wedding.

Picking out flowers for your wedding in Iceland, or any wedding for that matter, is one of the most exciting and enjoyable parts of the wedding planning process. Whether you just want a simple bouquet or boutonniere or something more extravagant it’s a time where you can get to imagine the look and feel of your own ceremony and dream a little before your big day.

Consider the following:

  • What's your colour theme?

  • What's your preferred style of bouquet?

  • Do you want something traditional or unconventional? Hoops? Triangles? Wreath?

  • Do you want to include non-floral elements like feathers, brooches or any items signifying someone close to you?

  • Do you want a ribbon tied around the base and if so, what colour?

Flowers for your wedding ceremony:

Before we go any further we'd like to stress that any and all flowers are gender fluid. Anyone can carry a bouquet and boutonnieres can be affixed to any gender!

  • Bride or Groom Bouquet The centerpiece of ceremony flowers.

  • Boutonnieres Usually pinned to the lapel of a suit or a jacket the boutonniere will echo the bouquet. Dads love to get one!

  • Bridesmaids and/or Bridegents bouquets These tend to be smaller versions of the wedding bouquet, carried by members of the bridal or groom's party.

  • Flower crown or flowers for the hair For the romantic, free spirited amongst us. Goes great with going barefoot for the ceremony!

  • Flower Arch A focal point and a frame for the ceremony.

  • Pew florals (if applicable) Popular at church weddings as well as we have chair set up for your outdoor ceremony.

  • Flower confetti Flower petals break down in nature and make much better confetti than anything else but please note that they can't be used everywhere.

As you go through the photos on the blog you can right-click on any image to download as inspiration.

What native Icelandic flowers can be used for wedding florals?

Iceland's climate and geographical location are not ideal when it comes to cultivating flowers. However, thanks to the abundance of cheap geothermal energy Icelandic Flower Farmers do grow some in greenhouses all year round and depending on the style you choose our florists will always try to use domestically grown flowers when possible. Unfortunately native wild flowers do not do well in a bouquet unless picked and assembled just before the ceremony.

Your ceremony flowers will be inspired by what you share with us

Due to the aforementioned geographical challenges when it comes to flowers we can't guarantee the exact flowers you want are available. Flower shipments come in once a week and while your florist will order flowers based on your wishes in some cases they may not arrive due to seasonal shortages or shipping delays. Our florists will do everything in their power to secure the types of flowers you want but if they're not available they will be substituted with as close matches as possible. When you share your flower inspiration with us bear in mind that 'inspiration' is the operative word. Our florists will match the look and feel of what you share but not replicate it.

Reception Flowers

The flowers you choose for your reception usually echo the flowers and colours of your ceremony flowers. Read more about ceremony flowers in our Iceland Wedding Reception blog.

Lastly here is some more inspiration for you. You can right-click on any image to download it as inspiration.

And remember, you can always up-cycle your wedding bouquet when you're done with it!


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